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I’m trying to decide where I stand on this one. On the one hand — Ralph Fiennes, Guy Pearce and David Morse in the same place at the same time is almost too much awesome to comprehend. And sure, director Kathryn Bigelow’s track record is… erratic, at best. But I enjoy all of her movies, and downright love one or two of them… though she strikes me as a really, really good B-movie director.

And yet I can’t help but watch the trailer for The Hurt Locker and think… is it weird to make an action movie about a war that we’re currently engaged in? I mean, sure, movies have been made about it, but The Kingdom at least tried to have some semblance of a message (I’m not saying it succeeded, mind you). This just looks like straight-up action, which seems a bit of poor taste. Then again, it’s a terrible trailer — berserker editing, the cheesy metal music… it’s like she let Michael Bay direct the trailer.

Fuck it. I’m excited anyway. Anything that reunites Fiennes with the director of Strange Days has to have some merit. Discuss.


War! What Is It Good For?

Well, Some Impressive 'Splosions, At Least / TK

Industry | January 23, 2009 | Comments ()

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