The Greatest Fictional TV Couple That Will Never Ever Exist

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | March 6, 2012 | Comments ()


I could not imagine that "Justified," now humming along in its third season, could possibly get any better. But there is one thing that could potentially improve the show: If Raylan Givens dumped Winona in favor of a character played by Connie Britton. How much sense would that make? Britton is the perfect Southern woman, they're generally the same age, Britton would be great in a gritty drama, and they both work for FX (or at least Britton did). That would be a spectacular pairing, and Britton could actually build sympathy for a character who was angling to keep her husband out of harms way.

Unfortunately, that's never going to happen. In fact, I just made up that possibility. Cruel, isn't it? Let me lessen the blow with two news bits: First, "Justified" -- no surprise -- has just been picked up for a fourth season. After re-airs are taken into account, "Justified" reaches 7 million viewers a week, which is fairly spectacular for cable. Its renewal is no surprise.

The other bit: Connie Britton, late of "American Horror Story" has signed on to a new pilot for ABC called "Nashville." The good news: She'll be playing a veteran country singer. The bad news? She'll be paired with a young upstart played by Hayden Panettiere. Yeesh. Still, Connie Britton reprising her Southern character, which was later ripped off by Sandra Bullock on The Blind Side, is never a bad move.

(TVBytheNumbers and Vulture)

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