The First "Arrested Development" Season 4 Trailer Is, Uh, Hot to the Touch
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The First "Arrested Development" Season 4 Trailer Is, Uh, Hot to the Touch

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | May 13, 2013 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 11.59.39 PM.png

There's an ostrich in this, people. EVERYTHING ELSE IS INVALID.

Man, Europe's "The Final Countdown" has never sounded good. Like a salve for the soul.

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  • Justin Kuhn

    Oh look it's DuncanRocks

  • TheAggroCraig

    "Hooray for Tobias" indeed.

  • lowercase_ryan

    The thing with the door handle of the cab in Phoenix is 100% true, yet door handles are 10,000 degrees cooler than steering wheels.

    Also, I'm ecstatic.

  • Lotney

    Absolute bliss.. Just upvoting everybody that is saying anything nice about this and how up to their expectations it was.

    Stumbled upon this one as well!!

    Lucile/Buster season 4 gold !!!

  • Anna von Beav

    OH. MY. GOD.

    *dies laughing*

  • Wōđanaz Óðinn
  • Batesian

    Hot damn, they brought their A game.

  • TrickyHD

    I was worried, then I watched the trailer, and all is GLORIOUS. It looks like my fears/worries were unjustified, AD goodness is coming soon! :)

    "Oh Lindsey, we have gotta get you to that acting class."

    My wife and I quote AD just about every day, and we just had this conversation today...

    Me..."If I somehow get swapped to a new body, I am going to convince you it is me by saying that when the dogs downstairs (we have four Basset Hounds) are all asleep in the morning, that there must have been a Carbon Monoxide leak."

    She then replied..."Yeah then someone please shoot me!"


  • amanda

    The best part is Buster and his juice box.

  • Batesian

    EVERY PART is the best part.

    /it's Science!

  • I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at the sight of a vulture.

  • EthanLutske

    Exactly. That got the biggest laugh from me.

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