The Final Two Episodes of 'Breaking Bad' Will Be Longer, and According to Aaron Paul, 'Messier'

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The Final Two Episodes of 'Breaking Bad' Will Be Longer, and According to Aaron Paul, 'Messier'

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 19, 2013 | Comments ()

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AMC has announced that the final two episodes of Breaking Bad, “The Granite State” and “Felina” will be 75 minutes long, which means that you’re going to miss yet another 15 minutes of this week’s Emmy telecast and Sunday Night Football, unless you’re on the West Coast, in which case GAWD. West Coast television is so much easier.

But that’s not all. Aaron Paul is making the rounds this week. He’s doing talk shows. He’s been vocal on Twitter. He’s been lighting up Reddit. This is a guy who is proud as hell of his show and wants to promote it as much as possible, as opposed to the cast of Dexter, which has been nowhere to be seen the week before their series final airs.

I wonder why?

Anyway, Paul talked about the final two episodes of Breaking Bad on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, and besides that crazy bushy beard that Paul is sporting, is that he says that while “Ozymandias” was messy, the “final two episodes are so much messier.”

Finally, if you’re wondering where Huell is, he’s still waiting.

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  • PowLo

    What a magnificent beard.

  • alfonseh

    Hull is waiting the "Better Call Saul" spinoff. Here's hoping that he's in it.

  • Paultera

    Can we just get random interviews from Aaron and Bryan forever after the show ends? Because I'm going to be super depressed without seeing those two every week.

  • JJ

    We'll always have Albuquerque.

  • GDI

    I'll always have Albuquerque.

    Actually, you can take it.

  • That 'Huell Waits' video will play as background music on my work computer for the rest of the day. I will check on him intermittently.

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