The Disney/Marvel/Netflix Machine Will Godzilla Its Way over New York City to Film Five Netflix Series

By Cindy Davis | Trade News | February 26, 2014 | Comments ()


Holy fortuitous announcements, Batman…oops, wrong comic house. Regardless, it’s kinda cool that this is coming right on the heels of that amazeballs Godzilla trailer (oh and while I’m cross-promoting, have you seen Dustin’s Godzymandias video?) And now, back to your regularly scheduled news: Marvel, Disney, Netflix AND New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced they’ll take over New York City to film all five of its upcoming new Netflix series, starting with Daredevil, and followed by Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and The Defenders. Here’s the press release:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, The Walt Disney Company, Marvel and Netflix Inc. today announced that Marvel’s landmark live-action television series, which will bring Marvel’s “flawed heroes of Hell’s Kitchen” characters to Netflix, the world’s leading Internet TV network, will principally film in New York State. Produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Television Studios, this groundbreaking series is Marvel’s most ambitious foray yet into live-action television storytelling and represents the largest film or television production project commitment in New York State history.

Filming is set to begin in the Summer 2014 and will create at least three thousand jobs in New York State including up to 400 full time jobs. The project will include nearly 60 one-hour episodes focused on the 4 Defenders characters: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

“New York is where the entertainment industry started, and this unprecedented commitment from Disney and Marvel is further evidence that we’re bringing it back bigger and better than ever before,” said Governor Cuomo. “And when the entertainment industry thrives, it fuels dozens of other industries and businesses. The competition for these projects is fierce and Disney could have chosen to film these shows anywhere, but they knew that shooting in New York means getting to work with the best in world. These shows bring New York’s super heroes home where they belong-along with hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in new business.”

“Since 2008 Disney has directly contributed almost half a billion dollars to New York’s economy through television and film production, along with approximately 9,000 jobs for New Yorkers,” said Robert A. Iger, Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company. “The Governor’s policies make this great state a more affordable and attractive location, opening the door for even greater economic investment and job creation for New Yorkers. Our Marvel series for Netflix will inject millions directly into the local economy and create hundreds of new jobs.”

“We thank the Governor and the great state of New York for helping us create the ultimate backdrop to this epic series. Setting our production in New York City truly underscores the authenticity and excitement we plan to bring to The Defenders and their ‘flawed heroes of Hell’s Kitchen’ stories,” said Alan Fine, President, Marvel Entertainment.

Pretty flipping cool on all counts (now, please fix all those broken roads Mr. Cuomo!), but if you think the city is crowded now…

(via Slashfilm)

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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Comments Are Welcome, Jerks Will Be Banned

  • Aaron Schulz

    Anyone else think its weird that the picture of daredevil up there is clearly a spiderman recolored? Also i have a tremendous nerd boner over this

  • foolsage

    You are completely correct. Look at the hand gesture; Spidey's firing his webbing. Only Spidey and Dr. Strange make that gesture.

    This appears to be the pic it was copied from:


    And here's Dr. Strange making the same gesture:


  • ed newman

    Maybe it's foreshadowing a crossover story of how Doctor Strange gets toasted on Red Bull and Jaeger and switches the consciousnesses of Daredevil and Spidey as a prank.

  • Aaron Schulz

    that wouldnt be the weirdest thing they have done, i could accept it

  • e jerry powell

    I have keen hearing that can detect nerd boners. I went deaf a few minutes ago.

    There's been a lot of nerd boner material out there over the last two weeks.


  • Yocean

    Um, so , can we make Iron Fist into Asian, or a part Asian? I mean now that we got black Johnny Storm, what is the incentive for keeping the guy with very Asian Kung-fu power a Caucasian male. That seem to only bring negative impressions. Plus God dammit why can't we Asian men get to be super heroes!!

  • The new Atom is an Asian guy, isn't he?

  • Yocean

    That's great! Though I am not familiar with Atom but one at a time.

  • Ben

    That kind of seems almost more racist? Your one asian super hero has the power of being good at kung fu?

  • Yocean

    More racist than another white guy appropriating minority culture? I don't think so. I am an Asian and I will take one good stereotype hero over no hero at all. We gotta start somewhere.

  • Ben

    fair enough. I mean if the modern asian heroes aren't gonna get super hero films made then changing the old ones is a good start.

    You've also got Wasp in the new Antman movie (at least I assume she will be in it cause that would be weird not to)

  • foolsage

    I don't know if we'll see Wasp. Remember that Hank Pym is being played by Michael Douglas. It's also quite possible that they'll go with a non-Ultimates (i.e. anglo-saxon) Janet.

  • Yocean

    Right! They do tend to go Ultimate route w movies :) cool!

  • BlackRabbit

    For some reason I dislike this idea, but I have no problem with the new Johnny Storm. I don't know why. No sarcasm, I'm really puzzled at myself. And good question as to why there's not more Asian heroes.

  • Ben

    Easy answer to why their aren't more Asian heroes. Most comic book characters that we know today were created during the 50's and 60's by white American dudes. Just after the whole japanese american internment thing. Asians weren't exactly the most super popular people. Their are far more frequent asian heroes in modern created characters but comics are notoriously difficulty for new characters to thrive in so we're still mostly stuck with characters created 50-60 years ago.

    Not an excuse by any means, but that's basically the reason. Same basic reason their aren't that many black characters.

  • Aaron Schulz

    and the reason the black characters seem to always be jive talkin

  • Sean

    Actually, from something read somewhere...that is the plan. That Iron Fist is to be Asian.

  • stella

    Wait. He's not Asian?

  • Sean
  • Aaron Schulz

    no hes blonde and white, comic books are very diverse.

  • Yocean

    That would be awesome sauce. Hope that actually is true and come to be.

  • Sean

    Well, I think it is more of a marketing decision. They need to appeal to Asian markets.

  • Sean

    I am just looking forward to the Luke Cage/Jessica Jones anal sex scene. http://goodcomics.comicbookres...

    Actually, I always loved Power Man/Iron Fist. At least when Chris Claremont and John Byrne were doing those characters. And Bendis Alias was great. Yes, I have been reading comics for 40 years.

  • Lloyd_The_Bartender

    what.... no Son of Satan ??

  • Sean

    Disney can't really have a "Satan" in one of their products. The Christian lunatics would go even crazier.

  • Ben

    I don't know, Disney have come pretty close to showing satan allready

  • foolsage

    Yup. Disney is all about FAMILY entertainment. They wouldn't want to risk their image.

  • Dave Dorris

    That's Phase 4.

  • foolsage

    HA! Good Lord, I can just imagine the conservative outrage machine's response to that. It'd almost be worth it (but not really, because the backlash would doubtless senselessly hurt comics in general).

    Daimon Hellstrom isn't likely to hit a big screen near you anytime soon I fear.

  • NateMan

    I disagree. Sure, the conservatives wouldn't be happy, but in theory it'd be on Netflix, which already has plenty of movies with a worse, anti-Christian message than Hellstrom would. And Christian backlash certainly hasn't hurt shows like True Blood or Dexter. If anything it makes more people tune in to see what the fuss is about. No one takes complaints about comic books seriously any more. Or if they do, they weren't going to be part of the audience anyway.

  • foolsage

    You're right insofar as Netflix isn't as influenced by conservative values as broadcast networks. I still think that there's a snowball's chance in hell that we'll see Daimon Hellstrom anytime soon in movies or film.

    I agree that a lot of other content is more anti-Christian than the Son of Satan. It's not really even anti-Christian at all, in fact (Daimon's a hero, for fuck's sake, and he fights against the demons). But virtually nobody KNOWS that, and the name and appearance are pretty evocative. I just don't see it happening.

    Let me put it this way: I can fairly readily name 100 Marvel heroes more likely to get film and TV treatments.

  • NateMan

    Can't argue there.

  • John W

    As a native New Yorker (cool song btw) all I can say is: cool.

  • foolsage

    This project has a lot of potential. I'm very glad they're filming it in NY, honestly.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Michael Jai White as Luke Cage, turkeys.

  • BlackRabbit

    Can he act?

  • Ben

    Are you saying you haven't seen Black Dynamite. Cause if so you need to stop whatever you're doing and go watch Black Dynamite.

  • Ben

    Terry Crewes is the only person I will accept as Luke Cage

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Gah! I didn't even think of him, which is weird as I almost always do.

  • Sean

    Too old. Late 40s I think. They need someone 20+ yrs younger.

  • NateMan

    Good choice. I'd also take a beefed up Tyrese or possibly even Taye Diggs.

  • NateMan

    These are some of my favorite characters - particularly Cage and Iron Fist. Please, Netflix, please don't fuck these up. And if you make Cage into some stereotype from his origin days, instead of the kick-ass, stable family man he is now, I will kick your collective asses.

  • This is the Luke Cage I want to see on my TV:

  • BlackRabbit

    I can see him talking to Odin. "What do you mean I don't get paid to kill frost giants? Where's my money, honey?"

  • NateMan

    Sweet Christmas!

  • Sean

    I actually bought that comic. I am so old...

  • Sean

    Wouldn't it make sense for it to start with a young Luke, and him maturing as it goes?

  • Dominic

    no because they feel they don't have the time . it would take several TV seasons to flesh out characters , as CBs do . Most of these movie/TV adaptations have started from the midpoints of heroes' " careers " not where the comics started them from . i.e. Wolverine . . And may be they ACTUALLY want to stay True-To-Character , and a young Luke wouldn't have joined a group ..:o) u want the "Smallville " version , of Luke Cage ? or is that the Harlem version ....

  • NateMan

    If it's done well, absolutely. If there's a whiff of the old comics, fuck no.

  • idiosynchronic

    And, since stable Luke Cage = Jessica Jones, double freaking win.

  • rose maryawn

    my Aunty Amelia got a new blue Land Rover
    LR4 only from working part time off a home computer... helpful hints B­u­z­z­3­2­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Aaron Schulz

    I thought they mentioned in an earlier press release that Jessica Jones was going to be in the defenders at least.

  • NateMan

    Yep, she is.

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