The CW's Entire History Has Led to This Moment: Twilight Television Series
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The CW's Entire History Has Led to This Moment: Twilight Television Series

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | October 18, 2012 | Comments ()


We should have known this was coming. The instant that Avengers geared up for a television spin off, we should have known that Twilight was going to try the same move. And it does make business sense, painful though that is.

There are few details yet, but the anonymous source had this to say:

"They're already onto the [Breaking Dawn] follow-up ... [a] TV show or film spinoff, merely set in the same world as the one in the movies but not featuring the main trio, is being seriously considered, [with] The Wolf Pack [as] one area of interest."

Ooh, the worst CGI wolves ever filmed would be even better on a television budget!

Is there any chance that this won't end up on the CW? Is there any way that we could get it on Fox, perhaps on Friday nights? See, nothing survives the Friday night death slot, but then nothing seems to be able to kill the absolute idiocy of the Twilight series. Unstoppable force, meet unmovable object. I'll make the popcorn.

Added benefit: burying "Twilight" on date night just might prevent young single Twihards from wandering out into bars and finding unsuspecting blank slates to breed with.

(source: Blastr)

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  • the other courtney

    The problem (aside from the obvious) is that no one will ever be able to make a decent show out of the source material because SMeyer will want to be involved in the production, refuse to turn over any and all creative control, and we all know what would happen. I stand by my belief that the Twilight franchise could have been so, so GOOD, if adapted differently.

  • Kate at June

    Yeah, I dragged my husband to see the first Twilight movie in theaters. I hated the book, but will give any vampire genre a try and I thought that with the right director, the material could be improved vastly. Didn't turn out that way, though.

  • Archie Leach

    The crap twilight "movies" were so cheaply produced that they already looked like they WERE produced for CW.

  • Anna von Beav

    Didn't they already try to do a werewolf show? That was terrible? And didn't last?

  • kilmo

    MTV has "Teen Wolf” which is actually a great show with really interesting mythology AND STILES! It has nothing to do with the movie and is a show that probably shouldn't work but totally does.

    Also Bianca Lawson is on it and she's NOT playing teenager, though she totally could.

    AND the kid from “Maid in.Manhatten” grew up really well!

  • Anna von Beav

    I mean, like, three weeks* ago?

    *this may be an exaggeration.

    Edit: My bad, that was Teen Wolf on MTV. And it has apparently been renewed for a third season?! I watched the pilot of that with my best girl and it was so bad we couldn't even make it through the entire episode. HOW is it on a THIRD SEASON!?

  • kilmo

    It's a great show, you just gotta get through the first couple episodes. The first 2 seasons only have 12 episodes each so you can shotgun them! There's also no filler episodes,so each episode ends up totally CRAY!

    Also you could make it a drinking game: Everytime you wanna tweeze Tyler Hoechlin's eyebrows take a shot.*

    *WARNING* You might die. Those brows are Peter Gallagher level, only not awesome.

    The 3rd season got a 24 episode pickup, which I'm pumped about.

  • kilmo

    Because it's fantastic! It takes a bit to get into, just hunker down, the first 2 seasons only have 12 episodes. Actually the 3rd season got a 24 episode pickup which I'm pumped for!

    Make it a drinking game: Everytime you wanna pluck Tyler Hoechlin's eyebrows you take a shot.
    *WARNING* You might die. They're in Peter Gallagher territory, just nor as awesome.

  • DominaNefret

    I'm shocked that there isn't yet a "Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry" show.
    I wonder if it actually hasn't been pitched yet, or if Rowling nixes it every time the idea comes up.

  • the other courtney

    There's a Walmart version: Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney.

  • NateMan

    A few years ago IGN did a fake trailer for the new show Aurors to be on FX. It actually looked pretty badass. But yeah, if I'm remembering what I've read correctly, Rowling is very resistant to other forms of media. For example, she doesn't want the books in audio format. I don't think she'd approve a television series, certainly not on American television.

  • All of the books have been released in audio format, and have been for years.

  • Maguita NYC

    Probably the author has so-far refused to let her books be made into TV series.

    She might though change her mind in a few years... By my pessimistic outlook on fame-and-fortune, all it takes to lower your standards is time and a shrinking bank account.

  • PDamian

    JK Rowling was once one of the wealthiest people in the UK (and pretty much the planet), but has fallen off the "richest" lists by giving chunks of her fortune to charities. Anyone who gives so much that she actually removes herself from the topmost tier of wealth is not all that obsessed with maintaining her fortune.

    Rowling is also responsible for the "Rowling Rules" of fanfiction: If you write Harry Potter fanfic, just make sure you put a disclaimer in there stating that you understand that HP is the sole property of Rowling, Warner Bros. and their assigns; insert a statement saying that you're not making any money from your story (and make sure that's true); and if you're writing fanfic porn, make sure it's hidden behind a password. Given how Paramount used to jump down the throats of anyone writing Star Trek fanfic, I'd say she's being incredibly generous.

  • Maguita NYC

    Consider my pessimism emended! Thank you PDamian for your info, I am glad Rowling has so far maintained beyond a semblance of integrity and decency.

  • Gina

    Possibly - but she still is going to have royalties on the HP books coming in for a while now, and she's still getting new books published. So as long as she has a good financial advisor, that bank account should be in good shape for some time yet.

  • Mrcreosote

    I look forward to the Twilight series. It should be on CBS and be "CSI: Twilight" An intrepid vampire who has been alive for centuries joins the Portland PD and solves cases until BAM a Winchester kills his ass in the greatest two network crossover ever. Granted a vampire is not technically a demon but WHY THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT ANY OF THIS TO MAKE SENSE?

  • The Winchesters gleefully kill vampires, so it makes perfect sense. Of course, if the vampire is in the Portland PD, it's more likely to have a fancy German name and be killed by a Grimm, don't you think?

  • mrcreosote

    I went back and forth between Grimm and Supernatural for the comment. At the end of the day though the Winchester boys are just more entertaining than detective wet blanket on Grimm. I want Dean to wonder why he's covered in glitter even though he hasn't been to a strip club in at least a week.

  • kilmo

    BUT “Grimm” has Monroe! The show is growing on me, so glad Hank finally figured the truth. His and Monroe's.interplay is hilarious!

    Remeber when Supeenatural was awesome and watching wasn't a chore. I've stuck by it this long, but seriously. Either give me awesome Castiel back or cut him loose for good. My heart can't take it.

    Also that vamp from purgatory's accent is terrible. This is from another thread, but I'm sure there must be Castiel/Dean fan fiction out there!

  • Lipton

    Oh you'd better believe there's Dean/Cas fanfic out there. There's lots and lots of it. And it is delightful.

    Personally, I refuse to admit that Supernatural ended with season 5 and all of the later seasons never happened. It ameliorates some of the bitterness.

  • Lipton

    Ugh, refuse to admit that it "didn't" end.... This is what I get for commenting at work.

  • I watch Grimm for Monroe, as well. I am far more interested in his relationship with Rosalie than in Nick and Juliette.

    And there is a metric ton of what they call "Destiel" fan fiction. I don't read any of it, but it's so popular the show's writers throw that set red meat all the time.

  • Lipton

    *shudder* The name "Destiel" is the worst. I hate most of those name mush-ups but that one is just ick.

    However I find most Spike-related names to be delightful. Spuffy and Spander would make wonderful names for a couple of yippy pomeranians.

  • I figured as much and agree with your conclusion. And when does Dean go a week without being in a strip club, unless he's in hell (that is hell) or purgatory?

  • mrcreosote

    I'm pretty sure he's a regular at purgatory's only strip club The Spearmint Hellbeast. Where lap dances are lethal and G strings are made of barbed wire.

  • Ashley

    Pretty soon we're going to need a spotter's guide to help differentiate between all the shitty vampire shows.

  • The CW is not going to pick up Twilight when they have a solid audience for Vampire Diaries. They have a bunch of paranormal series in development already, so it's not like they're hurting for new material, either. I think they'd pass on this.

    Also, could you guys stop dumping on the CW? Their programming is often better than the big networks, and they tend to let their shows develop over time, instead of killing them when numbers aren't strong from the start. Isn't that what we want networks to do?

  • Glenna Mercado

    If CW is the shit, how come they only get nominated for Teen's Choice Awards lol not the Emmy's if their programming is that "better". Giving best actor awards to Chace Crawford doesn't mean much, The guy can't act for shit. He's hot but he should have stick to modelling.

  • Glenna Mercado

    lol, Reba is obviously 14 years old and is incapable to recognise good writing. Do you think Gossip Girl is ABC material? lol Most CW shows are plain shallow, no depth in plot, failed to develop characters, moaooaaaar sex, mooooaarr hot guys, is that why you think the show is better Even HBO produces soft porn but still manage to write plots that actually made sense.

  • Actually, I'm 49 years old and just edited an academic article that explores tropes in a CW show, which will be included in a collection due to be published next year by a university press. I didn't write said paper, because that is not my forte. However, my grasp of writing is such that every single flaw in your ill-scribed paragraph leaps out at me and makes me weep for the future of our language. I think perhaps you are not suited to judge good writing, being incapable of it yourself. But thanks for playing.

  • googergieger

    Cause I'm a teenage dirtbag baaaaaaaaaaby!

  • ee

    Having worked for a local CW station. I'm going to dump on them all I feel like. I believe the reason that they tend to let their shows develop is because they don't get high ratings to begin with, so they don't need much justification. If they hit the lower age demos, teens and young adults, then they feel they're doing fine. It's not an artistic choice; it's just business.

  • Should have been specific. I was directing that part of the comment to management. And whether or not it's business or artistic, it results in a number of shows that I enjoy, as do my friends and kids, so we reap the benefits either way. I think it's okay to appreciate them.

    There is no business that is free from reasons to dislike it. To wit, I worked at Fox in L.A. before, during, and after its changeover to a network, and those folks were lying straight through about a ton of stuff. Also, they paid their regular staff crap wages, which is why I stayed on contract instead. Doesn't mean I won't groove on Fringe.

  • Funky_Brewster


  • Anna von Beav

    Supernatural, baby! W00t!

  • Mmmmm. Winchesters.

  • alwaysanswerb

    Seriously! Leave the CW alone!

  • Maguita NYC

    It is awful to be awakened to more Twilight news.

    On a positive note, the CW has produced good vampire series from shitty pubescent books (The Vampire Diaries). So probabilities are, the series might surpass (oh-so-quite-easily) the Twilight movies in quality and character development.

  • Glenna Mercado

    you're kidding right. The book version of VampireDiaries was raped by Julie Plec's incompetent writing and made Elena Gilbert into a prettier version of Bella Swan. She failed to developed her character hence why the show is fucking TRAINWRECK. They can't even have a proper villain.

  • Blake

    Isn't one Vampire show per "network" (if you are generous to think of CW as a "network") enough though? Vampires aren't CSI or NCIS techs / agents / cops or whatever they are.

    Please someone make that header pic happen.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    As long as the CW has The Vampire Diaries, they might just not want a Twilight series as well.

  • NateMan

    There is no God.

    Also, I actually don't see this hitting CW as first choice, if only because they've already got their own overwrought (but vastly more entertaining) vampire series.

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