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The Cast of Harry Potter Speaks the Freedom Language

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | November 18, 2010 | Comments ()


Ah, screw it. This is fun. Josh Horowitz over at The MTV used his junket time with the cast of Harry Potter brilliantly. While everyone else, no doubt, was asking dumb questions they've all heard 4,532 times, Mr. Horowitz asked them all to try out their American accents with words like, "Olive Garden." What is it about the British, that when they try out American accents, it's always either a Southern accent or a Brooklyn one?

As to which was better? Rupert Grint, by a wide margin. But Emma Watson wins the contest for easiest on the eyes. She's quite lovely, isn't she?

Do you ever wonder, by the by -- when casting directors are searching for kid actors to be in sitcoms or a long series of movies -- if they use some sort of age progression technology to see what the kids will look like post-puberty? Because the entire Harry Potter cast came out on the other side rather nicely, didn't they? It didn't work as well on, say, the entire cast of "The Wonder Years."

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