The Best Legs on Television Are Walking Off Into the Sunset
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The Best Legs on Television Are Walking Off Into the Sunset

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | June 14, 2012 | Comments ()


Mary Louise Parker, whose legs practically travel floor-to-ceiling, is taking her pumps and putting them in the shoe rack after Showtime announced yesterday that this would be the final season of "Weeds."

It's probably for the best. No, it is for the best.

Although, I'll admit last season was something a bounce-back year, "Weeds" has been drifting aimlessly into darker and more cynical territory. It's not the fun suburban pot comedy that it once was. The stakes were driven too high, Nancy lost her soul, and everyone forgot what the show was originally about: A widowed mother trying to support her children.

The good news, at least according to showrunner Jenji Kohan, is that the final season will take it back to its little-boxes roots.

The final season will quickly resolve this year's assassination attempt cliffhanger, and fans can expect a time jump and a return to the suburbs. Beyond that, Kohan hasn't yet decided how to conclude Nancy's tale. "We wrack our brains every year for crazy cliffhangers and we're trying to figure out how to top ourselves," she says.

I'm not sad to see it go, but I'll admit I'll miss it a little: It put Showtime original programming on the map (along with "Dexter") and even during the bad seasons, there was always something to keep me watching, even after I wrote the show off half a dozen times like, say, Zack Morris taking Nancy over a bar (link NSFW).

(Source: EW)

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • Morgan_LaFai

    The show certainly did change its tone after season 3, I wouldn't call it horrible, just different. I particularly liked watching Shane follow his mother down the sociopath trail, pulling knives on people, killing, etc. That was a lot of fun.

    My objection to the change in tone has more to do with the anti-marijuana message it sends. Being a suburban marijuana dealers rarely leads to burning down ones house, marrying the head of a Mexican drug cartel, or going on the run. It went from having a neutral to positive message about weed to having a very negative one.

  • Lisa Bee

    Best legs? Well they are certainly long and majestic, but whenever she wears those wedge heels (90% of the time), don't they seem a little... Stringy? Flanky? Well okay, now that sounds like a really rude horse reference, which it's not. At least they don't creep me out at much as her spindly long fingers and hands. Along with Julie Bowen's, but I don't really wanna talk about that.

  • Bert_McGurt

    No worries. Showtime has plans for a spinoff called Iced. It's pretty much just Mary-Louise Parker sitting around erotically drinking coffee with a straw. I predict it wins all the awards.

  • Colin

    This show was SO GOOD at its outset, and as others have already (rightly) said, it has gotten worse with every season after the third. Getting rid of Heylia and Conrad was bad enough, but Weeds is nothing without Celia Hodes. They have made every character utterly detestable except Andy, whose uncertain fate has kept me watching.

  • Serpentlord

    I'm always happy when a property that used to be good bounces back for its ending. I'm still mad at how awful Bleach and Heroes stayed once they plummeted in quality.

    Granted, what I really want is for something to be good the whole way through and end at the logical narrative conclusion, but Mel Gibson's sobriety is somewhat more common than that happening.

  • pissant

    “We wrack our brains every year for crazy cliffhangers and we’re trying to figure out how to top ourselves,” she says. just try to think of zany things and then figure out how to get there? Did I miss the meeting where we decided that it isn't hacky to use cliffhangers to artificially boost interest in your poorly executed show?

  • BLA

    assassination attempt..."

    So no one dies then. What a disappointing maybe-spoiler.

  • ed newman

    I can't pinpoint the exact episode, but Doug (and to a lesser extent Andy) went from a giant bowlful of awesome to just merely a ramekin of sporadic funny and never went back. That has been the show's biggest problem.

  • Yeah, well.

    Justin Kirk has a new show, at least. Kevin Nealon is back on the comedy club circuit. Changes for the better?

  • Jezzer

    Wasn't Nancy's decision to sell drugs influenced more by her desire to stay comfortable and to have Nice Things?

  • Yes, in fact, but even in season one she showed sparks of ego involvement (Heylia James to Nancy: "The drugs sell themselves.. you ain't shit!").

  • TheFatling

    Is there anyone else who actually prefers seasons 4-6? The series' inherent insanity aside, it seemed like a reasonable path for a sociopathic drug dealer to take. Go back and watch seasons 1-3--Nancy Botwin never had any real regard for her children's well-being. Had she stayed a small-time pot dealer in Agrestic, or had the series ended after season 3, we never would have seen how monstrous she could really be. Season 4 in Ren Mar is my favorite (Celia aside), but that may just be the Albert Brooks talking.

    Oh, and I consider season 7 apocryphal. "Weeds" should have ended with Nancy's arrest.

  • Totally agree with the sentiment this is about five seasons too late, but I will be interested to see how it all ends.

  • Nicole

    The show should have ended with dignity and style after season 3 when Nancy torched Agrestic to the ground while State Radio's "Keepsake" played.

  • BierceAmbrose

    Mary Louise Parker / Sarah Jessica Parker. Now that they're both between shows, could they fix that? I don't know, rock, paper, scissors (lizard, Spock) to see who gets to keep the "Parker?" Something?

    Years later I'm tired of going ... "Oh, a Parker-actress - mmmmmmm. What?! Aieeeeee!"

  • In all fairness, Mary-Louise isn't married and Sarah Jessica is, so it should be Sarah Jessica Broderick.

  • BierceAmbrose

    That would work. So, we can blame the Ferris-schtuper for maintaining this bait and switch?

    Also, what's "fairness" got to do, got to do with it?

  • I blame the Ferris-schtupper for everything.

  • John G.

    About Damn Time. This show has been on life support in a vegetative state for years now.

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