The ABC's of Death Trailer: Grim Reaper, je t'aime
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The ABC’s of Death Trailer: Grim Reaper, je t'aime

By Jay Stevens, Jr. | Trade News | August 28, 2012 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2012-08-28 at 8.42.31 AM.png

Twenty-six directors have each been assigned a letter of the alphabet and instructed to make a short horror movie in any way they saw fit as long as it had something to do with the subject of death. The complied "chapters" is the anthology feature, The ABC's of Death. In a way it's very much like 2006's Paris, je t'aime in which various directors came together to make a feature length movie in eighteen vignettes all taking place in section Paris.

It should be noted that the segment for the letter "T" is actually the result of an online contest where amateur filmmakers could submit their short film for consideration to be included. The candidates were presented online and viewers could submit votes to help sway the decision. The result was the UK's Lee Hardcastle whose gory claymation "T is for Toilet" made the final cut.

The movie is being distributed by Drafthouse Films, the film distribution company owned by movie theater company Alamo Drafthouse. It will make it's first appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 14th and then later in wide release on Novemeber 2nd, curiously after Halloween given the nature of the material.



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  • thatsjesstastic!

    I hope that by including directors from all over the world it will range from scary to completely wtf, but the trailer didn't do it that justice. It made it seem like it's just a goofy vignette of horror special effects.

  • ,

    Why do they make "ABC's" possessive? It's clear they're aiming for a plural, in which case, no apostrophe. This irks me almost as much as people who don't know the difference between its and it's.

  • branded_redux

    The middle poster is incorrect, as is Jay's usage, but the official poster as well as the trailer, press release, etc all have it correct. Its a common mistake, yes.

  • bleujayone

    As is your use of "Its".

  • branded_redux

    ::taps finger on side of nose::
    That wasn't unintentional, Jay.

  • Modern studios, as a rule, aren't exactly comfortable with anthology horror movies. Look at what happened with Trick'r Treat. It got pushed back year after year until another company bought the rights and dumped it straight to DVD with rave reviews.

    For an anthology horror that doesn't really have big names attached to get a wide release at all is pretty astounding.

    Of course, since it's not filled with CW cast offs or B-list celebrities, it's not going to take one of the precious October weekends and ruin a big production's chances at box office domination.

    Then again, it's a fall horror movie. It'll probably have three more release dates by the time the film opens. Remember when the Saw franchise started dancing with Paranormal Activity? Halloween release dates are quite fluid for horror.

  • when did the world stop loving anthology horrors? bastard world.

  • I've been asking myself that for years. Studios like Amicus survived by dong new anthologies as often as possible. Even in the 80s, you could get a Creepshow or Heavy Metal. I'm trying to think of the last wide release horror anthology in America. Does Grindhouse count?

  • personally, i wouldn't count grindhouse. I love Amicus movies, from their earliest right up to monster club. i also miss anthology tv shows, they were everywhere when i was growing up: darkroom, tales from the darkside, amazing stories, outer limits(new and b/w reruns), ray bradbury theatre, twilight zone (new and old), alfred hitchcock presents, night gallery, Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected, Hammer house of horror, the hitchhiker, freddie's nightmares, tales from the crypt. there's probably more. they were popular from the earliest days of tv onward, and then in the last decade and some, just dried up.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    Looks like some snuff, some tentacles and lots of blood... something for everyone!

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