The 2012 Independent Spirit Award Nominations
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The 2012 Independent Spirit Award Nominations

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | November 27, 2012 | Comments ()


The Independent Spirit Award nominations -- the awards for best independent flicks -- were announced today, and I love that the A-lister Matthew McConaughey, who starred in the $100 million Magic Mike, was nominated for best supporting actor, which kind of tells you where independent film is these days. The big winners, and the films most likely to contend for Academy Awards, are Beasts of the Southern Wild, Silver Linings Playbook and Moonrise Kingdom, although it's nice to see the phenomenal Safety Not Guaranteed get some love, too, even if it's not in the best feature category. All in all, a strong set of nominations, although that best supporting actor category -- Sam Rockwell vs. Matthew McConaughey -- is gonna be a doozy.

Beasts of the Southern Wild
Keep the Lights On
Moonrise Kingdom
Silver Linings Playbook

Wes Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom
Julia Loktev, The Loneliest Planet
David O. Russell, Silver Linings Playbook
Ira Sachs, Keep the Lights On
Benh Zeitlin, Beasts of the Southern Wild

Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola, Moonrise Kingdom
Zoe Kazan, Ruby Sparks
Martin McDonagh, Seven Psychopaths
David O. Russell, Silver Linings Playbook
Ira Sachs, Keep the Lights On

Fill the Void
Gimme the Loot
Safety Not Guaranteed
Sound of My Voice
The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Rama Burshtein, Fill the Void
Derek Connolly, Safety Not Guaranteed
Christopher Ford, Robot & Frank
Rashida Jones & Will McCormack, Celeste and Jesse Forever
Jonathan Lisecki, Gayby

JOHN CASSAVETES AWARD (Given to the best feature made for under $500,000)
Breakfast with Curtis
Middle of Nowhere
Mosquita y Mari
The Color Wheel

Linda Cardellini, Return
Emayatzy Corinealdi, Middle of Nowhere
Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook
Quvenzhané Wallis, Beasts of the Southern Wild
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Smashed

Jack Black, Bernie
Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook
John Hawkes, The Sessions
Thure Lindhardt, Keep the Lights On
Matthew McConaughey, Killer Joe
Wendell Pierce, Four

Rosemarie DeWitt, Your Sister's Sister
Ann Dowd, Compliance
Helen Hunt, The Sessions
Brit Marling, Sound of My Voice
Lorraine Toussaint, Middle of Nowhere

Matthew McConaughey, Magic Mike
David Oyelowo, Middle of Nowhere
Michael Peña, End of Watch
Sam Rockwell, Seven Psychopaths
Bruce Willis, Moonrise Kingdom

Yoni Brook, Valley of Saints
Lol Crawley, Here
Ben Richardson, Beasts of the Southern Wild
Roman Vasyanov, End of Watch
Robert Yeoman, Moonrise Kingdom

How to Survive a Plague
Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present
The Central Park Five
The Invisible War
The Waiting Room

Amour, Michael Haneke
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Rust and Bone, Jacques Audiard
Sister, Ursula Meier
War Witch, Kim Nguyen

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • googergieger

    Wow. This was a pretty shitty year when it came to movies.

  • PDamian

    I'm a bit disappointed that Emma Watson (yes, that Emma Watson) and Ezra Miller weren't nominated for Perks of Being a Wallflower. Aubrey Plaza rates a nomination for Safety Not Guaranteed, too. But I'm glad that both films are getting some love.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Look at Joe Mangojello in the background of that header pic eroding all his manifest hotness with his undeniable box of hair intellect.

  • So happy for Sound of My Voice and Safety Not Guaranteed. Brit Marling is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in independent film. She sparkles onscreen and writes rock solid screenplays. Safety Not Guaranteed is hilarious and very clever. Heartwarming, too.

  • Natallica

    Why does Potato always look like he has a serious amount of sunblock on his lips?

  • lowercase_ryan

    How do you nominate Michael Pena but not Jake Gylenhall for End of Watch? Both were fantastic by the way.

  • Arran

    "Awards darling Matthew McConaughey" is now officially a phrase.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Fetch Off.

  • anon

    Jack Black and Bradley Cooper for Best Male, but not Frank Langella for Robot and Frank? That's not right.

  • AudioSuede

    I know I'm gonna be in the minority here, but I'm a little disappointed Charming Potato didn't get more love for his part in Magic Mike.

    ...It's complicated emotional drama, people!

  • AudioSuede

    That's a tough, tough list to breach. And the fact that Beasts of the Southern Wild deserves everything makes it even tougher.

    Dammit, I want to BITCH!

  • zeke_the_pig

    Sam Rockwell vs. Matthew McConaughey is not a contest. I respect McConaughey for some recent choices and performances, but - just No. Never is that going to be a contest. The laziest Rockwell performance will still be streets ahead of anything McConaughey sweats out.

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