The 12 Most Boneheaded Unannounced* Movie Projects Currently in Development

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | January 18, 2011 | Comments ()


The following 12 projects are currently in development, although who knows which will actually get a green light. The point is: Someone is thinking about them. And in Hollywood, "thinking" should be considered a felony.

Facebook Romance: This McG produced project, based on a "60 Minutes" piece, is about a romance that starts on Facebook. It's described as a modern-day spin on You've Got Mail.

Monster Mash: A project set up at Dreamworks Animation based on the Boris Picket song of the same name, described as The Blues Brothers with classic monsters.

Zombiekins: Another Dreamworks project, about zombiefied stuffed animals, which start to bite children turning them into kinderzombies.

Me vs. Me: Think Groundhog Day vs. Going the Distance. It's about a woman who has to decide whether to move to New York for a great job or stay in Arizona with her fiance. She makes a wish to not have to decide and ends up living every day twice, once in each location.

Animal Kingdom: A remake of the amazing, awesome, fantastic 2010 Australian film, produced by Richard Brown.

Duran Duran: Think Mamma Mia!, except it's a movie built around Duran Duran songs.

Jesus on Line 4: About a shock-radio host who discovers that his show is being called by Jesus.

Nursery University: Steve Carr (Paul Blart) is currently attached to this family comedy based loosely on a 2008 documentary. It's about five families who enter a competition against one another to get their children into elite private daycare programs.

The Gaggle: A romantic comedy set up at New Line Cinemas about women who surround themselves with a potential group of romantic prospects. (?) It's based on the website, "WTF is Up with My Love Life."

The Kid Who Knew Too Much: Set up at Paramount, it's a remake of the Hitchcock film The Man Who Knew Too Much with a kid.

About Last Night: A remake of the 1986 Rob Lowe film, produced by Will Gluck (Easy A).

Bruce Lee Flick: Set up at Spyglass, this as yet untitled movie would digitally impose old Bruce Lee footage into a Wanted style buddy action film.

* Some of these may have already been announced somewhere, but none to my knowledge or memory.

(Source: The Hollywood Cog)

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