That Bland Guy From The 'Die Hard' Movie Will Play Kyle Reese Opposite Emilia Clarke In 'Terminator' Reboot
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That Bland Guy From The 'Die Hard' Movie Will Play Kyle Reese Opposite Emilia Clarke In 'Terminator' Reboot

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | February 19, 2014 | Comments ()


If you’ve never heard of Jai Courtney, don’t worry about it. He’s going to play Kyle Reese in the Terminator reboot, but let’s be honest: You’re probably not going to see it. Paramount is trying really hard to make Terminator a thing again, but they’re not getting anywhere. In fact, they seem to be moving backwards. Terminator Salvation made less money that Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, and the studio hasn’t come to terms with the fact that, if they’re going to reboot it, they should probably distance themselves from the last couple of movies and Arnold Schwarzenegger, specifically. Learn from the Spider-Man reboot, and make a clean break.

Anyway, Courtney played Bruce Willis’ son in the most recent Die Hard movie (Die Hard in a Gutter). He was unremarkable. He’s kind of the Australian version of Sam Worthington, which is a paradox since Worthington is also from Australia, but they’re both so bland and forgettable, I doubt anyone could confirm that they’re not the same person.


Courtney will play Kyle Reese, which makes the fact that Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke will play Sarah and John Connor, respectively, much less exciting, especially knowing that Arnie will be back in the title role. Alan Taylor will direct. He’s the guy behind Thor: The Dark World, who as I recall, wasn’t actually all that pleased with the way the studio took control of that movie. I doubt he’ll get anymore freedom here.

Source: Variety. Image via The Mary Sue.

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  • Fabius_Maximus

    Isn't that Sam Worthington?

  • zeke_the_pig

    Ah, Sam 'pavement excitement' Worthington. How I've missed talk of thee

  • Ed

    Jai Courtney is a super nice and earnest guy, and he's excellent in Felony.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I think he's hot and he's been very good in everything I've seen him in. Rowles appears to be the only one that thinks he's bland, with a few of his sycophants joining the chorus.

  • To be fair, Michael Biehn's version of Kyle Reese was pretty bland too.

  • LaineyBobainey


  • Three_nineteen

    Wait, Schwarzenegger is going to play an AARP-card-carrying Terminator? Does he think that since he goes back in time in the movie, he'll actually get younger?

  • Strand

    They'll probably do some Tron Legacy hijinks and CGI his younger face onto a robot.

  • Davis

    Everyone apart from Jennifer Lawrence is described as Bland, boring or basic on website.

  • TK

    And yet, here you are.

  • Davis

    Yes obviously I am. Is it wrong to talk about being called bland?

  • Some Guy

    How about we say he's tepid. Would that work?

  • foolsage

    Dustin, I fear you're misusing the adjective "Australian". It can mean "of or from the country or continent of Australia" (i.e. it can be a national or geographic locator), or it can mean "deadly fucking poisonous like everything from said nation and continent". "Australian" never ever means "bland and boring".

    Redback spiders are Australian. Box jellyfish are Australian. Taipan snakes are Australian. Blue-ringed octopi are Australian. Jack jumper ants are Australian. Even the cute little platypus has poison spurs on the hind feet, cause it's from Australia.

    I survived several years there, if it wasn't obvious. ;)

  • axis2clusterB

    One of my best friends is Australian, and I delight in acting like I can never visit because OBVIOUSLY the whole place is made of poison and death, held together by venomous spider webbing.

  • foolsage

    Well, the good news is that the really HUGE Australian spiders... you know, the ones that catch and eat birds... tend to be less poisonous, relatively speaking.

    So there's that.

    Oh, don't worry, they don't just eat birds. They eat bats, too, every now and then. As you do.


    And these wonderful Huntsman spiders love to live inside people's homes. No, seriously. That is not a joke.

  • axis2clusterB

    Welp. Gonna go get drunk now. First fireball shot is to the spiders!

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Khal Drogo is the terminator. It is known.

  • Seems like the Aussie actors come in either two flavors: super bland (this guy, Sam Worthington) or super crazy (Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe).

  • Target_Blonde

    Russell Crowe was born in New Zealand, Mel Gibson was born in NY and Sam Worthington was born in England. although all three were raised Down Under.

    Eric Bana, Hugh Jackman and the Helmsworth brothers, however - all born *and* raised there.

    By my totally unscientific calculations something apparently gets screwed up if you relocate to Australia as a child.

  • Strand

    My six months of life were spent outside Australia so I guess that means I'm fucked if I ever decide to pick up acting.

  • John W

    Khaleesi needs no Kyle Reese

  • Stu Rat

    Khaleesi Reese?

    Ooh! Terminator vs. Dragon

  • John W

    Quick Dark Horse comics get on that!

  • Genevieve Burgess

    Oh come on, he's not the guy from the most recent "Die Hard" movie. He's Varro from "Spartacus: Blood and Sand"! And apparently he's still close to Andy Whitfield's widow and children so he seems like decent people.

    God, I miss that show. It was so entertaining.

  • Sassy Pikachu

    I miss Spartacus too... R.I.P. Andy.

  • Jim

    True but he should find a way to make that "I think I just sharted" picture disappear from the internet.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    Nice reminder, he was great opposite Andy Whitfield's Spartacus in that show.

  • narfna

    I came here to say exactly this. Thank you for doing it for me! But not enough people watched Spartacus, which is a crime and a travesty.

  • I thought he looked familiar. He doesn't have the platinum curls anymore. That's good to hear, about him and the Whitfield family.

    Yeah, and he was pretty good in Jack Reacher.

  • Seriously, thank you. I thought he was great in Spartacus and he played a pretty good villain in Jack Reacher, which apparently nobody saw. It sucks that he's getting lumped into the Sam Worthington category because I think he's far better than that.

  • Judge_Snyder

    Also good in Jack Reacher.

  • Repo

    THANK YOU. There was a ton wrong with Die Hard 5, but Courtney is looooowwwww on that list.

  • Darlene Kevin

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    ◆◆◆ ◆◆◆� ◆◆◆ ◆�◆◆◆ ◆◆◆Learn from the Spider-Man reboot, and make a clean break.

  • TK

    He is good in Jack Reacher. But he's also in I, Frankenstein.

    A mystery wrapped in an enigma, that Mr. Courtney.

    I think I hate him, though. Maybe it's going to take some time before I can forgive anyone involved in I, Frankenstein.

  • Strand

    And also in what looks to be a cheap YA cash-grab in Divergent. Still confused as to how to react to this guy.

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