Terry Richardson Photographs Aaron Paul to Look Like Terry Richardson

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Terry Richardson Photographs Aaron Paul to Look Like Terry Richardson

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | May 2, 2013 | Comments ()


No matter how cool, how beloved, or how photogenic they are, you have to admire Terry Richardson's innate ability to make all of his subjects look like c*ck-guzzling douchebags. WHY MUST YOU TAINT AARON PAUL? You little date-rape skeeve monster. And why do awesome people continue to allow him to photograph them?









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  • Strand

    Looks more like a meth head than he ever did in Breaking Bad.

  • e jerry powell

    Just a thought:


    Just sayin'.

  • Viking

    I only like the happy pic because Aaron is adorable when he smiles, hate T. Richardson and his stupid cheap looking 'photography' and his rapeyness, the flames, the flames on the sides of my face!.....and am terribly disappointed in Aaron Paul. So many feelings on my insides, mostly bad ones.

  • Deidra

    Pajiba Complains Again About Known Douchebag Terry Richardson, Posts Entire Photoshoot Anyway.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Richardson's photos make me think he went to the police booking photo school of photography.

    What some call a "style", I just call "C-:Needs Improvement"

  • Terry Richardson is such a POS. I still can't understand how celebs flock to him have their photos taken. Every photoset looks identically date-rapey and skeevy.

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    For World Peace.

  • $27019454

    A travesty.

  • R-Dawg

    "You little date-rape skeeve monster" Yeah Bitch!

  • The happy, smiling one is adorable though.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Yes, indeed, this does upset my Thursday a little bit.

    Aaron Paul sure does have an eye-pleasingly round head though. My eyes glide along its edge and all the way around like a posh bloke skiing on a fresh piste, circling back to the start before I even know it.

  • Maguita NYC

    It upsets your Thursday a LITTLE bit?

    Maybe a man could explain this to me: When you know a guy is an asshole and you've witnessed his constant and recurring assholistic behavior, when you smirk at his abrasive sexist or racist remarks, and shirk any direct communication with him, why the fuck do men still support said king asshole?

    Is it the Bro-Code?
    Is it how it is between men, colleagues, peers, or whatever station and situation in life, they MUST support each other to the detriment of the victims said asshole had so-far collected?

    It honestly pisses me off. I wish us women blindly supported each other that way, but I only see it in men. And more and more, I am noticing the glorification of assholism.

    Yes, I'm ranting because of present personal experience, but I NEED TO UNDERSTAND: why no man has the balls to quiet down the yapping misogynist chihuahua? Why do they on the contrary, no matter their disdain to king Ass, stick together and make a situation even worse? I sincerely and honestly would appreciate a clear and concise reality-based explanation, not some bullshit excuse. Someone, please have the balls.

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    '... why the fuck do men still
    support said king asshole?'

    Because Vincent Gallo's MRSA has flared up again?

  • Maguita NYC

    What is MRSA and does it have anything to do with Charming Potato's nipples?

  • zeke_the_pig

    Well the original comment has been banished to oblivion, so maybe if I tone some of the swearing down...

    'Perhaps I should clarify, Maguita. I hate the Richardson c**t - and all of his ilk - with a flaming passion, and I love Paul with a similar passion. When I wrote that comment I was sleepless and hungover/still drunk from an...unexpected night of merriment. So re-read the comment, and this time with the understanding that it was a poorly phrased attempt at criminal understatement.

    It was my mistake really. I comment here under the stupid assumption that you guys know what I'm actually like in real life. If you knew me at all, and saw how I behave around people who act Richardson-esque, it would've made sense.

    Eg. when I encounter said similar yapping misogynist chihuahuas, I don't quiet them down; I shut them the fuck up.

    Felt the need to clarify that as I rather you didn't think less of me.'

  • Maguita NYC

    Actually Zeke, although I did capitalize "LITTLE", I truly did not mistake your comment as diminishing Richardson's chihuahua-ness (enter animal-rights people to pile-on misunderstandings), nor your love for Aaron as support for "the little-date-rape skeeve".

    My rant took on a more personal turn, but there it is nonetheless, released into the blogosphere. So here is my question, or rather questions, seeing how you were one with balls (the only one I might add):

    - Why do most men prescribe so religiously, fanatically and with almost zealotry to the bro-code?

    - Knowing what you know about male relationships, the bro-code of conduct that takes precedence over all else, how should a woman behave when faced with an asshole filled with rage, that does not understand the meaning of piss-off already.

    - How should a woman behave after being harassed in front of witnesses but is faced with the bro-code of silence, and how can you basically force people into doing the right thing. I simply need to "get" the mentality behind it, so I could deal with it in the most effective manner.

    Please note that I can truly take blunt honesty.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Damn I've either drank too much, or not enough.

    Anyway here are my answers:

    - The bro-code isn't as widespread a phenomenon as you might think. Certainly not from my experience anyway. The few that subscribe to it, do so completely ironically and don't actually apply it at all. Those that do seriously do so from a pathetic male insecurity.

    - Violence.

    - Words. Strong words. If that fails, violence. But most men I know would be on your side.

    I now realise that perhaps these answers aren't the most helpful. I'm not the best person to answer them I think because I tend to cultivate friendships with the non-bro-code-type dudes. And if I make the acquaintance of any bro-code-types I tend to beat it out of them in not too long. With words. Mostly.

    ... As I say, zeke's probably not the best pig to answer these questions, sorry. :(

  • zeke_the_pig

    Just so you know, Maguita, I've replied to you, but my comment's awaiting moderation... So if it doesn't show up in a while, I'll rephrase.

  • pfeiffer87

    Exact same thing happened with Chris Brown. All the men in music were/are like: 'he's so coooool', if only a man would own up and say he's a twat. Would do the world a lot of good.

  • Maguita NYC

    The Chris Brown situation is the perfect example. His beating of Rihanna was not an incident, a fluke, it was a vicious out-of-control beating. You add to that his behavior following that night, what with vacationing right after happily at P-Diddy's Miami villa, the extreme lack of remorse, getting into fights with everyone, diminishing his actions, acting like the bully, etc. etc.

    When seeing this little shit act that way, how come most men, and MUSIC ACADEMY, still supported him, pretending it was nothing but carelessness of youth, and even helped his career to thrive?

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