Terrible 'True Detective' Theory Based on the Poster Gives Terrible 'True Detective' Theories a Bad Name

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Terrible 'True Detective' Theory Based on the Poster Gives Terrible 'True Detective' Theories a Bad Name

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | February 21, 2014 | Comments ()


True Detective has become the theory show of the winter, and that’s never a bad thing, when it means that viewers have a complex, complicated show with which they can sink their teeth, and we haven’t had one since Breaking Bad. Even better, True Detective actually is grounded in a piece of literature with which we can study and develop our own theories. There have been some great ones this week, particularly on the identity of the Yellow King. Reddit, for instance, has lost their damn mind over it. Vulture had a nice comprehensive view of the major theories, and I even weighed in with one myself.

Then Yahoo’s TV page just comes in an ruins everything. There theory? Check out the poster:

c8ff53f8-deae-4fed-a397-f529d804555c_TD1_Poster_v4 (1).jpg

OK, what do you see there? The top of the poster is cropped off, and moved to the bottom of the poster. In the bottom, you can see Martin Hart’s hair, which is … yellow. And it’s just the top of his hair, ergo, it’s the crown. Therefore, MARTY HART IS THE KILLER.


Look, I love a good television show theory, and I’ve been known to come up with some whoppers myself, though they were at least grounded within the context of the symbols, allusions, callbacks, and references in a show. And yes, perhaps, there were entirely too many Mad Men theories based on the poster last season, but I thought we learned something from that! Like, for instance, that the advertising department probably doesn’t spend a lot of time with the writing staff working up marketing materials.

Source: Yahoo!

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  • It would make sense since Hart so (spoiler alert) quickly dispatches of ladue.

  • John G.

    Basing it on the poster is silly, but it's not ridiculous to say that Hart may be the killer. Many of the theories I've read come to that conclusion. They just don't use the poster as evidence.

  • emmalita

    I don't think either detective is the killer.

  • John G.

    One thing that stands out in my mind was Hart's reaction to the rape scene staged in his daughters room with the dolls. What was that about? Why was the daughter doing that? Is it the same daughter who ends up going goth in later years?

    Rust is too obvious, so I doubt it's him. It's either neither detective, or Hart. Strangely, one of my first clues was when Hart says to his mistresses new boyfriend after throwing him around, "I'm not a psycho".

  • emmalita

    It was the oldest daughter who staged the dolls, drew the pictures, went goth, etc. The theory seems to be that she was either molested or exposed to inappropriate sexual content by someone. I don't think it would have been Marty. I think the clue to why he doesn't really react is what he says to Maggie in one of their fights, he wants his home to be his refuge. He wants it so much he is willing to ignore what is right in front of him. I think Marty really is just a guy, full of ordinary, everyday evil. He is invested in maintaining the status quo, so he could be a part of the cover-up, even if it's only through willful blindness.

    I think Rust is the stranger in the strange land. The outsider who sees. If he were the Yellow King, or involved with the yellow king he would do a better job of hiding his otherness.

    Ugh! I got theorizing again. /puts soap box away

  • John G.

    Right before the scene with the girls in their room staging a rape scene with their dolls, Hart is walking down the hallway to get them for dinner, and before we see them, we can hear them talking in hushed voices. I didn't get all of it, but one of the daughters is saying something about "and they don't have a mommy and a daddy anymore."

  • emmalita

    You're right. I hadn't noticed that.

  • BettyNugs

    I want to point everyone to this great article about Louisiana and bad men in power: https://medium.com/news-and-po...

  • emmalita

    I've driven through Jennings, LA a few times. For reasons I stop for gas or food every time I drive through. It seems too small to hide a serial killer, but it also seems poor enough that prostitution would be one of a limited number of money making options.

  • Stu Rat

    Are you sure they plotted it out?
    Maybe they just "came up with something" when they shot the last episode.
    See Lost, Twin Peaks, Battlestar Galactica et. al.

  • Jiffylush

    I really doubt that would be the case here. This is less TV show of unknown length at launch than it is a mini-series written from the beginning with eight episodes in mind.

  • Stu Rat

    I know. I was more taking the wee-wee out of those other shows.

  • John G.

    BSG ended in the middle of the last season. Everything that came after that is apocryphal

  • Arran

    The good thing is that this is a limited-run series (well, this particular story is), so at least the theories won't last too long. We won't have to endure years of theories like with Breaking Bad, Lost, et al.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    All I see is a reminder of how good Woody's TD hairpiece is.

  • Bedewcrock

    Right? Why couldn't the Hunger Games team with all that $$ rolling in get it right?

  • Billy Lee Tuttle with Dagon cult.

  • cruzzercruz

    I was re-watching late Sunday's episode on demand and it was followed by an episode breakdown by Nic Pizzolatto and Joji Fukunaga. I don't know if every cable provider has that content, but it definitively cleared up a lot of things that people speculate about the show, directly from the creators. It also adds some amazing details that I didn't even notice.

  • Protoguy

    Fairly sure it's just a design decision to make it look like an old 8mm film strip fell off the carriage or more likely a pulpy "True Detective" paperback press run that didn't get cut properly. Though I have to say that my early prediction is that Matthew's covering for Harrelson, again.

  • Protoguy

    Gee, he is standing behind him like he's "got his back".

  • emmalita

    Do you want in the Fbook True Detective group?

  • Protoguy

    Yes plz

  • emmalita


  • The Yellow King is Marty's ex-father-in-law.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    My money is on the preacher.

  • I'm just putting 2 and 2 to make 42.

    There's the implication of "big people" behind Reggie LeDoux. Maggie's dad fits that description.

    There's the whole sexual issues of his daughter, Audrey. The paintings she made at school when young and then the whole "captain of the varsity slut team" while in high school. That indicates she's been exposed to something or someone. Doubt it's Marty or Maggie, who, with all their troubles, could be missing the obvious danger.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    That would certainly be in line with Marty's so called detective's curse -- missing that which is right under your nose.

    And the man appears to be wealthy and connected. He also says in the second episode: I've seen kids today", "All in black, wearing makeup, shit on their faces. Everything's about sex". Cue Audrey during her rebellious teenage phase. A tad suspicious, to say the least.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I think the poster is more of a reference to the membrane theory in that everything in our lives is a circle.

  • John G.
  • lowercase_ryan

    ah, thanks

  • SilverDeb

    "There theory?" Geez Dustin.

  • Bert_McGurt

    As opposed to the HERE theory, obviously.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Give him a break, he was obviously stuck in that Yahoo mind space.

  • Three_nineteen

    Now I want this theory to be true. How I would laugh...

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