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February 2, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | February 2, 2009 |

Pajiba’s Queen Geek, twig, pointed me toward a pretty fascinating write-up that Wired magazine is running on Terminator: Salvation, which shows quite a bit of concept art (some of which I’m pilfering and pasting below, but you really should check out the full article). As twig said, the article and pics almost has her sold on the idea of a T4, despite her earlier protestations. I feel similarly and was encouraged by two quotes on the piece from McG, one a self-deprecating bit of humor that won me over slightly toward McG, and another on how he got Bale involved:

“Nobody heard ‘Terminator 4’ and said, ‘Oh that’s a great idea — I know, let’s get McG to do it!” said McG when he rolled clips from his upcoming movie in Los Angeles earlier this month. “This asshole who did Charlie’s Angels, and what kind of cock calls himself McG?’”

He still doesn’t answer his own question: What kind of cock does call himself McG? But I appreciate the self-awareness. And here’s that other quote:

“I met Bale at a pub in England while he was shooting Dark Knight,” McG said. “He said, “I’m not interested in action, I’m not interested in pyrotechnics, I’m interested in story. If you can get the script to a place where actors on stage could just read it, naked, and it would be compelling for two hours because the characters change and evolve, then we’d have something to talk about.” We had a respectful conversation, I gave him Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? to read but his answer was: “Until it’s on the page, I’m not doing it.” “I went to Jonah Nolan, who co-wrote The Dark Knight,” said McG, “and A) has a good dynamic with Christian, and B) he’s a very intelligent guy who puts story and character at the forefront. So after Jonah worked on the script, we got Christian on board.”

Could there be hope? Here’s that Terminator Salvation trailer again (and below it, the concept art):





A Plethora of Pretty / Dustin Rowles

Industry | February 2, 2009 |

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