Talk About Girl On Fire, Juliannne Moore Joins The Cast Of The Final 'Hunger Games' Installment: 'Mockingjay'

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Talk About Girl On Fire, Juliannne Moore Joins The Cast Of 'Mockingjay,' The Final 'Hunger Games' Installment

By Joanna Robinson | Trade News | September 13, 2013 | Comments ()


She’ll be playing just about who you’d expect her to play, President Alma Coin. Though doesn’t Coin show up in “Catching Fire?” Or am I misremembering? Anyway, to say much more about Coin’s character would spoil the three people out there who haven’t read the books yet. It’s already been announced that Mockingjay will be split into two movies. So maybe they’re pushing some of the Catching Fire plot into the third movie and focusing entirely on the action of the Quarter Quell for the second. Personally, I’m against dragging out franchises. Feels like an obvious money grab. But I do look forward to drooling over Moore’s fiery locks until 2015 or so.

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  • Berry

    But Coin wasn't weepy... You know, 'cause Moore always cries? Whatever, this could work.

  • sj

    Aww, I was crossing my fingers and hoping for Tilda Swinton. That's kinda who I always pictured in my head. Or Cate Blanchett if she could channel the persona she played in "Hanna."

    Oh well. Julianne Moore seems perfectly acceptable.

  • sanity fair

    I always pictured Kathy Bates. Don't know why.

    But Moore will be amazing (as always).

  • Samantha Klein

    Oh please, spoil me. The first one was so terribly written (ok, and I didn't like the kid-on-kid violence) that I have no plans to read the other two.

  • chanohack

    The second one is just as frustrating. Just stay away from the third.

  • chanohack

    I'm intrigued to see how they incorporate President Coin into the second movie, especially with the knowledge that it doesn't cover the entire second book. Also, I hope they're making Coin a redhead, because pretty!

  • Robert

    She's been cast in the fourth movie according to this post. The second would not be the last.

  • chanohack

    Ah, the "Catching Fire" bit threw me off. I've confused my Hunger Games titles. This does not much upset me.

  • mairimba

    Like Jennifer said I always thought maybe Glenn Close. But I can see Julianne working it.

    I'm fine with them pushing all of the D13 story out of the second movie. It is an obvious money grab, but I think it works better as visual story telling goes.

  • Uriah_Creep

    As I read the first four words of your comment, I was sure you were a spambot. You know, "Like Jennifer said, you can earn $1,487,00 a week just on your laptop." Glad I was wrong.

  • KC

    I think, in this case, it makes sense to split the last book. Personally I think the last book is a bit of a mess and maybe splitting it up will help alleviate some of the issues that I (and I think, many others) had with it. That last half felt so crammed together and rushed. I do think she makes sense as Coin, though.

  • Jennifer Schmennifer

    I always imagined Cherry Jones or Glenn Close in the role. Also, she's supposed to have white hair, so there goes those fiery locks.

  • freetickles

    I saw Cherry Jones in the pharmacy last week, so there's that. I think you're saying that because you've seen her play a president before? Anyway I think Moore will be great.

  • Jennifer Schmennifer

    I've never seen any of the things where Cherry Jones played a president. (Was there more than one?) But I've seen her in a lot of other things, including on stage. I just thought of her and Glenn Close because they both have qualities that are both welcoming and familiar, but also steely and intimidating. I haven't seen Moore play that hard, intimidating side; and she reads younger than Close and Jones, which I didn't imagine for this character. But I'm sure she'll make it work in her own way.

  • freetickles

    Cherry Jones played the president on 24 for a couple seasons.

  • Glenn Close would perfection.

  • TenaciousJP

    (Vague Spoilers) She doesn't appear until the third book, as the leader of a place that only exists as heresay in the first two.

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