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Increase Of Busted Heads In France

By Miscellaneous | Industry | June 26, 2009 |

By Miscellaneous | Industry | June 26, 2009 |

Continuing yesterday's theme of movies about killing people, there is going to be a sequel to Taken. The first film (released internationally as Liam Neeson Beats The Shit Out Of People) raked in $145 million, which is basically a guaranteed second movie.

Unfortunately, things are still in the planning stages, and no story as of yet. Then again, the first one got along just fine without a story ... what? What do you mean "kidnapped daughter"? Ohhhh ... so there was a reason for him to beat the shit out of people? Huh.

Meanwhile, scriptwriter Robert Mark Kamen (Taken, the three Transporter movies, and The Fifth Element) says that in addition to that, he and Mediacorp (the French "action factory" that has kicked out a lot of the Euro-based action films as of late) are working on an American remake of ... Banlieue 13 (aka District 13 or District B13)? There is no indication that Pierre Morel would return to direct either film (he directed Taken and the original B13)

That seem even less necessary than Taken 2. I mean, not only was Banlieue 13 a kickass action film that translated just fine (it was pretty easy to figure out B13 was essentially a goddamn ghetto), but this is just after releasing the official sequel in February! Graghh!

Then again, I love my ass some parkour. And better they ruin it than some jackass Hollywood producer doing it for twice the budget and half the talent.

And in case you were wondering: yes, I do have the trailer for the sequel. The film already premiered in most of Europe already, and should be available on DVD in the UK and US by now.

Meet B13: Ultimatum.

I have no earthly idea what is going in this movie, but I am sold.

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