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October 7, 2008 |

By Daniel Carlson | Industry | October 7, 2008 |

You don’t need me to sell you on Amy Adams. She’s not just a smoking hot magazine cover subject; she’s been turning in great performances in everything from Drop Dead Gorgeous to Junebug to “The Office.” And then there’s Emily Blunt, who was one of the few bright spots in The Devil Wears Prada. I guess I’m saying just having them involved in a film has to make you a little bit curious, and rightly so. The trailer’s out now for Sunshine Cleaning (not to be confused with just Sunshine cleaning), an indie flick about a mom (Adams) who starts a crime scene clean-up business with her sister (Blunt) so she can get the money to send her son to private school. It definitely has some promise:

I've Never Been This Excited About Arterial Spray

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Industry | October 7, 2008 |

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