Stripper Jennifer Aniston Is Going to Make a Lot of "Friends" Fan-Fic Writers Happy in the "We're the Millers" Trailer
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Stripper Jennifer Aniston Is Going to Make a Lot of "Friends" Fan-Fic Writers Happy in the We're the Millers Trailer

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | May 23, 2013 | Comments ()


After a turn as a foul-mouthed, sexually harassing dentist in Horrible Bosses a couple of years ago, Jennifer Aniston has finally found her milieu: Comedies which feature her take off her clothes and hurl profanities.

I'm not complaining, especially because We're the Millers, from handsome Dodgeball director Rawson Marshall Thurber, looks every bit as funny as Horrible Bosses, and in addition to Aniston, it also shares Jason Sudeikis. He stars as a small-time criminal who is forced by a very wealthy Ed Helms' character to assemble a fake family comprised of a stripper (Aniston), and two kids (including Emma Roberts) to RV it across the Mexican border and pick up enough drugs to kill Willie Nelson.

Nick Offerman is also featured, but the star of the trailer, honestly, is Jennifer Aniston's ass, and one enormous ball sack that should remedy your need to take a shower after Aniston's strip tease.

I should also mention that it's NSFW. Or coffee shops, unless you want to receive some very uncomfortable stares.

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  • Tony Maxwell

    Aniston has finally found her milieu: Comedies which feature her take off her clothes and hurl profanities.
    This is getting so damned pathetic that I hate myself for continuing to check in.

    PLEASE tell me you don't employ any single spell-checker, grammarian, or ADHD-inflicted individual that you're allowing to manage the most f*cked up, spell-check avoiding, syntax- mangling, incomplete- or fragmented- sentence structure inconsistency that a site of this quality has yet to grasp is destroying its very purpose, killing any humor or resonance of virtually every printed sentence your otherwise fabulous staff is writing nowadays.

    When you can't get through the entire first sentence of ANY written material without a glaring, eye-stabbing 'misprint' like "feature her take off her clothes," you really stop giving a shit about that material if the site thinks so little of it that they just spit out the text in some inexplicable 'mad rush' that ends up looking like the line was so precious they'd prefer to skip over any nonsensical 'proper grammar' translation and let the idea alone smooth over those rough spots.

    And jeez, it is becoming more predictably obvious and lackadaisical with EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE you churn out - Courtney, and Joanna, and YOU, Dustin, should be infuriated that a line you've carefully crafted has lost any and all anticipated reaction because of a misspelt word or abrupt, incomplete sentence that throws one entirely out of the attention a reader has afforded it, only to be bitch-slapped by some punk typist who couldn't be bothered to proof-read it for correctness before throwing it out of the Pajiba Pit.

    Seriously, these constant language errors are too pervasive and end up making the articles, and the site, look amateurish. As a reader, it annoys the hell out of me; as a writer, I would search and destroy the bastard who couldn't put the exact words I wrote into a readable sentence free of errors.

    But WE'RE supposed to overlook these sloppy efforts, when the goddamned authors themselves don't care enough to proofread them?

  • God of Bal Sagoth

    As a writer, you should probably be equally outraged (and outright goddamn EMBARRASSED) about the fact that your tendency toward run-on sentences is bordering on criminal. Your entire mangled, poorly written screed was comprised of EIGHT sentences, despite being six paragraphs long.

    I'm just saying, he who casts the first stone and all that.

    Also, you're kind of obnoxious. It's not exactly a productive sort of criticism.

  • Tony Maxwell

    What I stated was, as a writer, I would search and destroy the bastard who couldn't put the exact words I wrote into a readable sentence free of errors. I'm not a professional writer, but if I was contributing an article for ANY site, then, yes, I would be a tad upset if I saw typographical errors in a work of mine that were the result of a careless proofreader or type-setter - I took the time and effort to write it, I expect the same effort from the publishers who are posting it., representing my work exactly as written without the distractions caused by their carelessness in reproducing it properly.

    My "run-on sentences' are entirely intentional, reflecting the exasperation and rapid speaking pattern of a reader who is tired of these errors to the point of bursting at the seams to release that frustration of seeing the progressively careless attitude towards the literate integrity of their articles. I at least employed the use of helpful punctuation such as commas, which are my radical approach to informing the reader when to take a pause when reading a longer sentence that requires such; I apologize if they drain your short attention span.

    And I agree that criticism isn't usually considered "productive" - I really had no idea it was supposed to be, as I normally perceive it as merely 'constructive' - but I'll look into that "productive sort of criticism" you mention, must be one of those new hybrids I haven't taken the time to research yet.

    Apologies to all of the 'productive' critics out there.

  • NynjaSquirrel

    Yes, wyh theese people can't just spend too minites proofreeding their shit is compleeltly behind me!

  • delle

    Enourmous? Really? I've seen bigger...without needing the benefit of a tarantula bite too.
    ...only now I'm sitting wondering what he'd have to tell people if he DID run afoul of an arachnid in unlikely places...."Why yes, that IS a grapefruit in my pocket, and it is very happy to see you"?

  • Mrcreosote

    Look, it may be a funny movie. It may make a lot of money. It may make lots of people tingly when Jennifer Aniston strips down, gets wet and writhes around a pole. However, you're just never making a better TLC joke than Mike Keaton in "The Other Guys." Don't even try.
    Now back to the Aniston thing. When exactly is she going to be on Game of Thrones?

  • poopnado


  • TheOriginalMRod


    ... But I am afraid of the bad press tarantulas will get.

  • lowercase_ryan

    This looks way better than horrible bosses.

    Although everything needs more Charlie Day.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Godtopus help me, that looks hilarious.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    So you've got genitals swollen by Jennifer Aniston and genitals swollen by a tarantula? I'm in.

  • koko temur

    Is today a "wet-half naked day" at pajiba? Im not complaining, i just feel overdressed.

  • NateMan

    I never thought I'd ever say this about a movie Jennifer Aniston is in (well, except Office Space) but that actually looked really funny.

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