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It’s pretty well known now that Steve Martin 1.0 died, tragically, after the filming of L.A. Story. In a misguided Stephen King effort to revive him, we got Steve Martin 2.0, whose first film was Father of the Bride. 2.0 hasn’t been completely awful, though. Father of the Bride is sweet and gooey, Shopgirl was pretty good, and The Spanish Prisoner was entertaining. In fact, it may have been Bringing Down the House that gave us Martin 2.5, one of the more wretched comedians in Hollywood, a step or two above Tim Allen.

In Martin’s next project, after The Pink Panther 2 and another Adam Shankman film (oy vey!), he is reteaming with Nancy Meyers, who introduced the world to Martin 2.0 in Father of the Bride, a film that still, inexplicably, makes me misty-eyed (which is not to suggest it’s any damn good, because it’s not). The movie is an untitled romantic comedy, and in it, Martin and Alec Baldwin will be competing for the affections of Meryl Streep.

OK. OK. Nancy Meyers isn’t dreadful. No. Strike that. She gave us What Women Want and The Holiday and should therefore be sent to cinematic hell. But Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep, and Steve Martin, even version 2.5? That’s not a terrible cast. It’s promising, even. But the premise? Come on: Isn’t that the same premise that Meyers’ Something’s Gotta Give gave us, only these actors are all the same age?

Damnit. I miss The Jerk.

Steve Martin 2.0 Is Awfully Goddamn Prolific for an Old Man

Bring Back the Beta Version! / Dustin Rowles

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