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Before the Infinitive Split

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | November 19, 2009 | Comments ()

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | November 19, 2009 |

"Heilige Schei├če!" he exclaims as the footage begins, according to my meticulous babelfish research. The fuzzy images splayed across the white screen he has erected in his authentic Prussian dungeon are not of vintage sixties amateur amputee snuff, but of James Tiberius Kirk himself! And uttering dialogue the likes of which has never been heard. Like any responsible lover of film, our kind German shackles the conjoined dwarfs back in their dollhouse and composes an immediate telegram to CBS informing them of his stunning discovery: an original, alternate version of the pilot of "Star Trek."

The pilot, recognizable as a take on the familiar "Where No Man Has Gone Before," will be released as an extra on the third season Blu-Ray release of "Star Trek," scheduled for December 15th. This version was never aired, but is believed to be the one NBC screened that led to them picking up the show. Bits and pieces of the episode are available on YouTube, including the video below, which is a cut up of various scenes from the pilot. Most significantly? The legendary title sequence is almost unrecognizable. No boldly going anywhere, no triumphant music, no seeking out of new life or new civilizations.

(source: THR Feed)

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