'Stand Up Guys' Trailer: Maybe Pacino Has One Bullet Left In the Chamber?
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Stand Up Guys Trailer: Maybe Pacino Has One Bullet Left In the Chamber?

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 14, 2012 | Comments ()


Stand Up Guys looks like a very easy movie to dismiss: Space Cowboys meets Bucket List meets "The Sopranos," or something. It stars Al Pacino as a guy who just got out of prison and gets the old gang back together for one last hurrah before his best friend, Christopher Walken, has to take him out, per orders from the mob. Pacino knows it, Walken doesn't want to do it, and suddenly, there's a film with the pallor of death and a sense of urgency hanging over it.

If Walken shoots him in the end, I give the film -- directed by Fisher Stevens -- a shot. If they hatch a plan to take out the mob boss, well, maybe not so much. I'm sure it will veer toward the feel good, rather than the heavy, but after so many bad Pacino and Walken movies, is it preposterous of me to hope that there's one decent one left in them? They're getting on up there; I'd hate for Pacino's legacy to be 88 Minutes, and Walken's to be Country Bears. They're such phenomenal actors, and I hate the fact that younger generations may never know that.

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  • I really couldn't care less how many bad comedies Pacino and De Niro do, these guys are walking gods and legions of cinema fans of all ages will mourn their passing. How many badass old-guy roles can there be? "Stand Up Guys" looks pretty fun. If nothing else it will be fun to see Pacino and Arkin again. What we need is one huge old timers movie and just get everybody. Pacino, De Niro, Connery, Hackman, Eastwood, Duvall, etc. Someone needs to make that happen and get a good enough script to drag Hackman and Connery out of retirement for one more big score.

    I know there was a write up when Dark Knight Rises was coming out, but Nolan's Insomnia features a damn good performance from Pacino. Maybe his last truly great one in a while. Just watched it again the other night and the interplay between him and Robin Williams is mesmerizing.

  • Uriah_Creep

    I've just learned from IMDB that Christopher Walken has only been nominated for two Oscars (winning one.) That does not compute.

  • Schultheiss

    Seems like an almost identical plot to "In Bruges," except with old Americans.

  • reanalyst

    Pacino is immensely, amazingly talented. With this film, I couldn't get past his hair. Such ridiculous, inappropriate, implausable hair.

  • lowercase_ryan

    It looks like Pacino gets it on with at least one chick half his age. That always bugs the shit out of me in movies and doesn't bode well for the film in general.

  • Snath

    "Bad" Walken movie? That, sir, does not compute. He improves greatly the quality of any film he deigns to be a part of, thereby rendering the finished product a shining gem of cinematography.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Look! A generic old age joke:
    You sure they didn't miss out the comma in that film title?
    'Stand up, guys!'
    'We can't!'
    Yeah, so it's 5 o'clock, I'm off to the bar.
    Have a good weekend, Pajiba.

  • Serpentlord

    I wish I didn't know how great Al Pachino was.

    Seeing people like Carlos Mencia and Rob Schneider in Sandler/Stiller comedies is painful, but fitting. Seeing Chris Rock in Sandler/Stiller comedies is infuriating, but I never blame a comedian for paycheck work until they become stupidly wealthy, or producers. Seeing Katie Holmes in Sandler comedies is sad, but makes sense since she was married to a man so petty she was taken out of the greatest superhero movie of all time just because she had a sex scene with Aaron Eckhart in a previous movie that didn't even make the final cut.

    But Al Pachino play Adam Sandler's love interest is so against nature the Ayatollah should issue a fatwah calling for the destruction of every copy of Jack and Jill. The fact that we haven't seen such this tells me that the Iranians probably lock dissidents into Clockwork Orange Sandler/Stiller marathons to break their spirits.

  • why would younger generations never know these actors greatness because of a few late duds? we managed to discover cinema when we were young, and we did not have the benefits of info and access that today's youth have with internet, streaming, dvd, etc.? We didn't have youtube, IMDB, netflix, the cinephile and pop culture blogosphere, torrent pirate sites, or 24plex theatres. I grew up in a 13 channel universe, and eventually the betamax revolution, and yet we had no trouble learning about, and seeking out the greats of yesterday. i'm sure the kiddies will be fine.

    at what age do we start thinking young people are drooling and vacant eyed

  • wicked.whisper

    oh...and she hates forrest gump

  • Mrs. Julien

    So she's got that going for her.

  • wicked.whisper

    my daughter is 18...and thinks twilight and that ilk are great movies.
    the world is ruined.

  • valerie

    When your youth is saturated with crappy movies by formerly great actors (ie, DeNiro) you may grow up with the mentality that they were always bullshit actors, OR have your idea of them tainted prior to the eventual discovery of their good work.
    As someone who saw the Godfather late in life and had every minute of it tainted by the many, many pop culture and Simpsons references that have come after, I can attest that sometimes it's really hard to experience these films properly.

  • p.s. Robert DeNiro starred in a movie this year, Being Flynn, which I believe is a new jewel in his crown. just because he makes some crowd pleasing comedies doesn't mean there is a plague afflicting cinema, or that he is washed up. Also, comedy, and comedic timing aren't easy. it may be that the actor enjoys stretching out in differing roles, rather than that he is lazy and wants a paycheck. did he play the flamboyant pirate in Stardust for a paycheck?

    Check out Being Flynn, he was really amazing in it.

  • my point was just there is nothing new about this, and we've still found films and actors. my first memories of burt lancaster and kirk douglas were a silly comedy they made when they were old, in the early 80's, when i was young. I still love Birdman of Alcatraz and Young Man with a Horn despite this. Rhinestone (the stallone dolly parton comedy) and Pink Cadillac (a clint eastwood gem) were also in vogue in the gem that is the 80's. i still managed to be moved by first blood and the beguiled.

    there's not much we can do in any era when a film becomes a big enough cultural artifact to have been emulated, lampooned, xeroxed into sludge. part of my fascination no doubt came from mad magazine spoofs i read of movies i was too young to see.

    there are always aspects to seeing older films that make it more challenging. Someone watching Pulp fiction for the first time would have to really work at getting a sense of how vibrant and dynamic it felt(and it was itself fuelled by a love of genres from yesterday). Try and be a young person coming to the 6th Sense today, when that cat is out of the bag and the hiptercenti does nothing but mock the director.

    it just struck me as unnecessary handwringing. film and movie star legacies are not really in jeopardy. hell, this site has a column, on discovering older films for the first time.

  • junierizzle

    This looks really good. Thank god it isn't the broad old guy comedy I thought it was.

  • zeke_the_pig

    MAN it's depressing seeing Pacino old. I grew up with the guy's films. I love and respect him and think he's a badass and always will be, but every time I see him like this my brain refuses to remember it. The last image that it permits is him in Heat. Full of vigour and sharp, on the edge, where he's gotta be. Every time I see him like this a little bit of me dies inside.
    Having said that he still looks fucking cool as shit compared to De Niro.
    Then again they're both old and they have a legacy of work behind them that'll rarely be matched, so fuck it, delete from your memory everything I just said. ...Just like I'll delete Old Pacino.

  • Mrs. Julien

    You're as good as the best thing you ever did. Al Pacino was perfect as Michael Corleone. Twice. He was Serpico, Satan, and Jack Kevorkian. He YELLS WELL! He was one hell of a Shylock in an otherwise flat film. He was fantastic in Heat and a God in Glengarry Glen Ross. It's all still in there somewhere.

    Also, Al Pacino is funny.

    That said, he isn't always so good with his choices of late. He should've played Napolean when he had the chance, like when Mr. Julien wrote it for him, and they optioned it and then it all came to naught.

    I might still be a little bitter.

  • "You're as good as the best thing you ever did" -this.

  • Mrs. Julien

    It's a quote from Billy Wilder who was very good indeed.

  • zeke_the_pig


  • Maguita NYC

    Walken is always watchable, no matter what. He is a joy, and makes a movie worth your while... Well, not exactly 15$ worth it, but Tuesday 8$ Special worth it, at the very least.

    I just need to express my immense admiration for that top picture. Walken is holding his guns so loosely, he is about to shoot himself in the crotch. And yet STILL, he makes it look cool!

  • zeke_the_pig

    I was about to say the exact same thing. It looks like they were in completely different situations that the universe decided to stitch together at the last moment - Pacino was in a Pacino film and Walken was, I dunno, I guess just pointing out the toilet in his house to a stranger passing by who needed the toilet. I imagine that's how he'd answer the door.

  • Maguita NYC

    Pacino does look like he is in Scarface - Battleground Retirement Homes, and I agree with you, Walken looks like he just happened by, and is showing people where the restrooms are!

  • zeke_the_pig

    'SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRI-... Oh... No, wait, no, uhh, nurse... blue pill please? Hoo-ah!'

  • Maguita NYC

    Scarface, the limp-biscuit years...

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