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Spielberg's Lincoln Trailer Looks OK But Could Use a Horse That Touches Our Hearts and Brings Out the Best in Humanity

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 14, 2012 | Comments ()


Oh, I dunno. I guess Steven Spielberg's Lincoln trailer looks fine. But the story of Lincoln, the Civil War, and the end of slavery doesn't really lend itself to the big broad sentimental strokes of Spielberg, the rousing tear-jerky music, and that solemn tear perched on some soldier's face as he looks across the battlefield, sees the dead bodies strewn about, the tattered flag whipping in the wind, and comes to the touching realization that it was all worth it.

It's not a sentimental story, is it? It's an ugly story about a country divided, bloodshed, evil slave owners, and the unnecessary death of the country's greatest president. It hardly feels appropriate as a movie set to a John Williams' score.

But I'm sure Daniel Day Lewis (and even Joseph Gordon Levitt) will blow us away with their performances.

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