'Sparkle' Trailer: Because That Word Hasn't Already Been Tainted Enough By Vampires

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Sparkle Trailer: Because That Word Hasn’t Already Been Tainted Enough By Vampires

By Jay Stevens, Jr. | Trade News | August 10, 2012 | Comments ()


American Idol winner/survivor Jordin Sparks plays the title role of Sparkle Williams (perhaps because Glitter was already taken?), a girl in 1960's Detroit with a gifted singing voice. She along with her two sisters named err...Sister and Delores played by Carmen Ejogo and Tiki Sumpter, form a Motown vocal trio. But their success might be short lived as Sister threatens the group's bond when she begins an abusive relationship with a drug dealer named....really?....Satin? played by Mike Epps. The late Whitney Houston plays the girls' overprotective mother and questionable child-namer, Emma in her final role. Sparks and Houston along with Cee Lo Green contributed tracks to the movie's soundtrack.

At first glance, one might think this smacks of more than just a passing resemblance to 2006's Dreamgirls, with only a different cast including another American Idol refugee and accompanying pop star. Strangely enough however, this movie is in fact a remake of a 1976 movie of the same title (oddball character names and all) that was co-written by Howard Rosenman and Joel Schumacher. Houston acquired the remake rights back in 2000 and was also one of the film's executive producers.

Sparkle finally comes to theaters on August 19th after a few delays.


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  • August release? So, no Oscar then?

  • Pnnylne

    I take it you've never heard/seen the original version

  • Fabius_Maximus

    They're scraping the bottom of the barrel in American Idol, eh? I mean, that girl probably can sing, but her voice is awefully thin.

  • blacksred

    I think they could have made better casting choices but I will support anyway. Also the Original Sparkle is a black classic.

  • e jerry powell

    Pre-Fame Irene Cara, dammit!

  • Ashley Avenger

    I actually like the original Sparkle. Not the best thing in the world, but a solid piece of campy fun.

    This, on the other hand...

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