Sorry Uncle Joey, They're Making A Jagged Little Pill Musical

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Sorry Uncle Joey, They're Making A Jagged Little Pill Musical

By Joanna Robinson | Trade News | November 8, 2013 | Comments ()


You know those jukebox musicals that are all the rage these days? The “American Idiot”/”Mamma Mia”/”We Will Rock You”/”Rock Of Ages” trend? Yeah well Alanis Morissette is staging one for her 1995 album “Jagged Little Pill.” May I please take a moment, as an avowed musical fan, to crab at you? Yes? Okay, get off my damn lawn with these jukebox musicals. These are the Broadway equivalent of a Lone Ranger remake or the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean installment in that not only do they lack any imagination, but they also cheapens something kind of great that came before them. Yes ABBA can be cheapened.

And, honestly, what kind of compelling plot are they going to hang around the songs on that Alanis album? I love “Jagged Little Pill,” but mostly because I was 14 years old when it came out. You can’t win me over on sheer nostalgia and Hard Candy nail polish, Alanis. I don’t need to see a two act musical about a terrible and destructive break-up. Though I reserve the right to change my mind if they somehow wrangle a Dave Coulier cameo.


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  • Chucktastic

    How about a musical based on Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville? Now that was a GREAT 90's album!

  • babykangarootribbiani

    I;m sorry, I have to say this, I can respect that Full House isn;t your bag, but THERE. IS. NO. UNCLE. JOEY. It;s Uncle Jesse AND Joey. Never once did anyone EVER, in the span of eight years, ever call him "Uncle Joey" (Go ahead. Try and find an episode where someone calls him Uncle Joey. I dare you).
    Also, whenever people say that Joey is just some creepy bachelor who lived in the house, I think these people are people who don;t actually watch the show, and really it;s never a good idea to trash a show you;ve never seen because you will most likely be wrong (I despised New Girl because I thought it was about a woman who could barely function and acted like a five year old. Then I watched it and realized how smartly written it was). And Full House may never have been the best show, but he was there because his best friend ASKED him to be there. Furthermore, every so often they would have an episode where Joey would think he was unneeded and bring up moving out and the family would tell him how important he was, because they wanted him there. Furthermore, he did so date (I know no one;s said it but the point people always wrongfully make is that he showed too much interest in little girls' lives and none in women his own age) but Joey could get girls. Cheryl, Stacey, Wendy, Roxie, a couple of whom he actually dated a few times. They only reason Joey never got married was because the writers were buttheads.
    And I;m sorry, it;s NOT, nor has it ever been "uncle joey." Shame on you for making me type that.

  • This is my favorite geek rant ever.

  • When Pill dropped, I had just started working at Media Play, so I heard "All I Really Want" 6-7 times/hr, all day, most days. I was so filled with animosity for that song after two weeks, it was the musical equiv of "why don't you play a nice game of solitaire?" - triggering an instant, foamy-lipped, wild-eyed rant about people putting cd's back in the wrong bin. I miss the 90's too, sometimes, but nostalgia can be dangerous.....

  • axis2clusterB

    I'm now in my office jamming Jagged Little Pill. Makes me want to go home and put on wide-legged jeans and a tight babydoll.

  • Does this stress you out?

  • Your sweater's on backwards and inside out.

  • How appropriate.

  • I loved this album when it first came out. I remember I was dating a guy who lived far away (and on an island) and I listed to it a lot (probably on a walkman or discman) when going to see him. But the radio overplayed it so so so much (maybe because I am Canadian and we had these stupid CanCon laws that ruin a lot of music because of over saturation). To this day I don't care to listen to that album.

    I do LOVE her hair though, wish mine would get that long.

  • Bodhi

    "I love “Jagged Little Pill,” but mostly because I was 14 years old when
    it came out. You can’t win me over on sheer nostalgia and Hard Candy
    nail polish, Alanis."

    I really hope the backdrops are blown up pages from Delia's & that everyone wears belly shirts & wide legged cords

  • I never fit into anything from Delia's, despite being what I thought of as normal-sized. It was majorly depressing. [cues up The Crow soundtrack and pulls out her old flannel]

  • wonkeythemonkey

    All the boys must wear Vans as well

  • OMG, I loved Hard Candy polish. I wore three of those rings at a time like brass damn knuckles.

  • Samantha M

    Sounds crazy, I know, don't still happen to have any of that HC polish, do you? Maybe some Urban Decay hanging around? Revlon Streetwears?

  • Robert

    What are your thoughts on shows like Nice Work If You Can Get It and Crazy For You? You know, shows that choose songs from a prominent composer's catalogue and create a new story with cobbled together material? The best jukebox musicals treat the material like that.

    It's total fluff, but I still think Mamma Mia is a solid stageshow (except for that nightmare sequence). All Shook Up is adorable and should have never transferred to Broadway and earned its reputation as a flop jukebox musical.

    American Idiot can be called a jukebox musical, though Billie Joe said since its premiere in California that he always planned for American Idiot to be a theatrical piece instead of just an album. Adding in the songs from 21st Century Breakdown and a few b-sides meant telling a more cohesive story. It's closer to a Tommy or Jesus Christ Superstar situation with a concept album leading to a stage adaptation.

  • e jerry powell

    Book writers of decades past had better ideas?

    Not to mention access to catalogs of much better songs. Broadway's been recycling Gershwin since the guy died, and I begrudge them nothing. Shit, without a jukebox, what the hell would Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers have danced to?

  • I'm not into musicals enough to have encountered the term "Jukebox Musical" before now, but one of my favorites - that I saw on my honeymoon in London ***redacted*** years ago - was "Five Guys Named Moe" based on the music of Louis Jordan. Jordan was the Weird Al of Big Band Jazz, and I'm grateful to the musical for introducing me to him.

  • Robert

    I love Five Guys Named Moe. I wish more regional theaters would do the show.

  • "Uncle Joey"?


  • oilybohunk7

    I read the title and thought "Courtney is going to blow a gasket."

  • goraudykq688

    My Uncle Jace got an almost new Fiat 500L Wagon by working off of a macbook. More Info


  • bastich

    Are you sure "Uncle Jace" is your real uncle, and not just some random guy who lives in your house?

    You and your identical twin/acting double should keep an eye on him, just in case....

  • VonnegutSlut

    The very moment I saw the headline, I immediately thought, "Oh shit, Courtney's gonna kill JoRo."

    I frequent this website waaaaaaayyyyy to much. It's getting out of hand.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    My wife LOVES reminding me that he's not their uncle, just a random guy who lives in their house.

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