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September 3, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | September 3, 2008 |

murdertankroundup.jpgSo, as many of you have already seen, there’s been a tweaking of the regular Pajiba format. To those who hate change, we apologize. To those who hate the new format, give it some time. We’re also still working on it, tweaking here and there.

The reason: Long-time readers probably have nailed down our publish schedule; it’s been pretty religious the last few years: Movie round-up on Tuesday and Thursday, TV Round-Up on Wednesday. Pajiba Love at 3:30 Monday through Friday. And while there is a certain comfort to that routine, the problem is that restricting round-ups in such a way means that we are often far less timely. Because we believe we have the content to do so, we’d actually like to compete with some of the bigger trade websites, and it’s hard to do so when a big TV item breaks Wednesday at noon, and we have to wait a week to include it in the next week’s TV Round-Up. The new format allows us, individually, to post trade news as it happens (or soon thereafter), and by breaking it up into smaller bits, you have a choice of what to read or not read. I know many of you who resist change have railed against it, but we honestly hope you don’t rebel against us for trying to be a more popular site, even if it’s within our relatively small Smart Geek niche. We feel like we put in more effort, more time, more resources (and certainly a higher word count) than most other pop-culture website on the net, and we’d like to put ourselves in the best position to compete with them.

However, as always, the main focus of Pajiba is on the reviews, the retrospectives, and the Guides. So, in order to keep the focus on those, our internal compromise was to have the round-up items publish only in the a.m. (East Coast) and they will not be accompanied by photos on the home page, which means our reviews will not move off the page any quicker than before, and they will stay above the fold all afternoon long, where our community can camp out and bitch about whatever you’d like to bitch about. Additionally, Pajiba Love — which has become an integral, popular part of the site over the last couple of years under the direction of Stacey — moves to noon, and it gets its own entry, which also ensures that the reviews aren’t moved down the front-page too quickly by a half-page of links.

We’ve been around over four years now and, during that time, we’ve made a lot of changes. Each time, we run up against pockets of resistance, but each time, the site — I like to think, anyway — ultimately benefits from those changes, as we bring in more like-minded readers. And who doesn’t want more friends? Sure, we’re a little elitist, but we’re all about attracting more intellectual elitists into our fold. Hopefully, we can continue to hang on to our base in the process, and regular features like Eloquent Eloquence, Comment Diversions, Pajiba Love, and the Boozehound Cinephile is our way of rallying that base.

We hope you good folks will stick around.

Adminstrative Crap / Dustin Rowles

Industry | September 3, 2008 |

Dustin is the founder and co-owner of Pajiba. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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