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November 15, 2007 |

By Daniel Carlson | Industry | November 15, 2007 |

Reo reo reo, jam nitty gritty, you’re talking to the boy who resides in Strike City! There’s not a lot of news out of Hollywood this week that isn’t strike-related, which I know is so stupidly obvious I shouldn’t have bothered to type it out, but I wanted to apologize up front for the lack of spectacular findings this week. I also figured it’d help to get most of the strike disclaimers out of the way up front, since (for instance) anybody who got cast in a TV show this week is really only on that show in the most vague and theoretical of ways, since no writers = no shows = no casting. Everything’s in rerun mode. I’m doing my best to get out there and spread some news and move some papes, but there ain’t a whole lot going on.

It was announced that Ridley “Seriously, I Already Apologized For Tony” Scott will direct Stones, a supernatural thriller for Fox 2000 written by Matt Cirulnick. The film revolves around the mysterious destruction of ancient ruins and religious sites around the world, and those ancient artifacts still apparently hold some kind of power and are bound together by Stonehenge. (I’m assuming it’s not the one in Texas, but that’d be a fun twist.) But the film is in development, and guess what? It won’t resume development until the WGA strike ends. So, if this premise sounds at all intriguing to you, I hope you can wait a couple years.

Also, there’s going to be some kind of Dragonball adaptation. I know there’s a chance some of you are into that whole thing, but frankly, the guys that were really into anime in high school kinda freaked my shit right out, so I’m gonna pass on this one. If you’re interested, you know about it; if not, you’re not missing anything.

Rory GilmoreAlexis Bledel has signed on to star in Fox Atomic’s Ticket to Ride, a comedy directed by Vicky Jenson, who co-directed Shrek and Shark Tale. Bledel will play a college grad who has to move home to live with her overbearing and surprisingly chatty mothereccentric family while navigating the typical twentysomething landmines of bad jobs and dull relationships. The film is set to begin shooting next month, and with the strike on, there’s no way to change Kelly Fremon’s script even if they wanted to. I don’t know how Jenson will handle the transition from the mildly blue humor, terrible puns, and dated pop culture references of her animated works to what I can only hope is a more realistic and less suicide-prompting approach to storytelling, but I’m sure Bledel’s personality will go a long way toward making the film tolerable.

Finally, it was announced this week that Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody, the respective director and screenwriter of the upcoming Juno, are teaming up again for Jennifer’s Body, a horror-comedy that Cody has set up at Fox Searchlight. Reitman will produce the film, which revolves around a cheerleader who gets possessed by a demon and — I am not making this up — begins to feed off the local boys in her Minnesota farming town, prompting her best friend to (a) kill the demon girl and subsequently (b) go after the devil-worshiping rock band that somehow caused the transformation in the first place. Transformers star/vaguely plastic-looking person Megan Fox is attached to star, and I believe she’ll be the evil cheerleader. Um, hooray, I guess.

This morning’s trailer watch brings a pretty special clip: Bryan Singer’s Valkyrie, starring Tom Cruise as a Nazi out to overthrow Hitler for reasons that aren’t really made clear in the teaser but one assumes become clear when the movie is viewed as a whole. You really have to see it to believe it:

Daniel Carlson is the managing editor of Pajiba and a low-level employee at a Hollywood industry magazine. He’s really worried about Landry and Tyra. You can visit his blog, Slowly Going Bald.

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Industry | November 15, 2007 |

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