Slow News Day Makes Pinky Something Something: Clips, Pics, and Sh*ts...Wait.
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Slow News Day Makes Pinky Something Something: Clips, Pics, and Sh*ts...Wait.

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | January 2, 2013 | Comments ()


All of the news is blah blah awards, blah blah Best of 2012, blah blah paparazzi killed chasing Justin Bieber. BORING. I've managed to scrape together a couple of teasers for upcoming movies and a few images from others. Enjoy! Because if you don't, I'll frown at you disappointed-like all day long.

Have you checked out the website for Pixar's Monsters University yet? It's set up like most college websites, except there is more emphasis on being creepy. Now we have a teaser that looks like every advert for colleges. Because the movie is about a monster college. GET IT?? Here's the Monsters University spot:

Now we move from animated Monsters to human monsters. (BAM! Segue-wayed!) That Texas Chainsaw 3D that you'll watch and then hate yourself about later has released some photos. They have lens flare, you guys! YAY! That's how you know it's quality! The lens flares!



Steven gave you the new trailer for Dead Man Down already, so I've got some non-moving pictures for you. Mmmm, Colin Farrell and Terrence "Baby Wipes" Howard.


Last of all, I end on the first six minutes of the upcoming Elijah Wood flick Maniac. Wood is a serial killer that murders and scalps purty young ladies when not running his mannequin store. Huh. Anyway, here are those first six minutes! NSFW, I'd say. Watch it quickly; I had to search to find an embed that hadn't been pulled yet.

Maniac - the first 6 minutes [HD] (2012) Franck... by myfilm-gr

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  • Buck Forty

    I know some Pajiba contributors have already 'meh!'ed Maniac, but this clip has piqued my interest (so kudos to the studio for 'leaking' it). I don't care if Elijah Wood is slumming it or fallen on hard times, this has the makings of a fine homage to those pretentious (cinematography more interesting than the plot/pretending to be modern art house) movies from the 80s. It even has the synth soundtrack! I'm in.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Just yesterday, I was wondering what had happened to Dominic Whatshisface since he seemed to be working towards a play for movie stardom, and now there he is next to Colin Farrell. Character actor it is, then.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Despite all my rage, I've still got a rooster in a(n undersized and pretty impractical considering the traditional role of a rooster, like, can you even get him through the door?) cage.

  • WestCoastPat

    The Monsters University teaser worked perfectly when shown during the bowl games yesterday among all the real college and conference ads.

  • luckypete

    Sorry it's not about the actual post, but has the problem of not being able to access any of the pages beyond page 1 been addressed yet?

  • Stephen Nein

    *please don't let Monsters U suck*
    *please don't let Monsters U suck*
    *please don't let Monsters U suck*

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