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vonnegut_slaughterhouse_five.jpgVariety has a piece up this morning, tracking the next nine years of Guillermo Del Toro’s career, as he’s pretty much locked himself into several post-Hobbit productions, after signing a first-look deal with Universal. On tap for Del Toro:

1) An adaptation of Drood, a Dan Simmons novel set to be published in February. The novel, and the movie, will be about the Charles Dickens’ survival of a train crash, which may or may not have turned him into a murderer before he wrote his final novel. Really?

2) AnotherFrankenstein adaptation.

3) Another Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde adaptation. Del Toro wants to make a more literal cinematic translation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel. And, finally:

4) Another stab at Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five. Del Toro also wants to make a more literal translation of Vonnegut’s novel, which technologically wasn’t impossible in 1972, when the original movie was released.

I haven’t actually seen the ‘72 version, but I’m of the opinion that all Vonnegut novels should stay that way — as novels — particularly this one, because I don’t think any amount of technology will allow any director — even one as talented as Del Toro — to properly capture the metafictional elements of Slaughterhouse. But then again, there’s a part of me that’s somewhat excited about the prospects of reintroducing the novel to another generation of readers, who no longer read. Eh. So it goes.

I Don't Care Who's Directing -- Leave Slaughter House Five Alone!
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Industry | September 4, 2008 | Comments ()

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