"Scrubs" May Be Back. Again.

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | April 28, 2009 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | April 28, 2009 |

Likewise, the crappy CBS "10 Little Indians" rip-off, "Harpers Island" (a show so bad I couldn't even be bothered to review it) has also been pulled from its Thursday night slot. Next week, it'll begin running on Saturday nights, with its finale scheduled to air on July 11th. Shut-ins this summer will have a lot to choose from on Saturdays, with ABC burning its final episodes of "Pushing Daisies," "Eli Roth" and "Dirty Sexy Money," while NBC will be airing "Kings" on Saturday nights. It's "Never Saw" Saturday nights. CBS plans to move "48 Hours Mystery" into the timeslot vacated by "Harpers."

In Presidential news, FOX is the first major network to refuse to grant Barack Obama requested primetime space. On Wednesday night, President Obama is scheduled to give his 100-days speech, in which he [fill space with as yet unknown Obama joke]. NBC, CBS, and ABC have already granted the time, but FOX refuses to allow Obama to interupt its airing for "Lie to Me." Not a tough call for FOX, as its cable channel, FOX News already draws bigger ratings than it during these presidential speeches. It's kind of a shame, however, that ABC is not following suit: That means no "Scrubs" this week, and no season finale of "Better off Ted," which has grown into one of the best comedies on TV.

And speaking of "Scrubs," ABC is actually in talks about bringing it back for a ninth season. Really? What the hell is going on with this show? Granted, the 8th season is probably the best it's been in three years, but the ratings have been dreadful. And yet, ABC wants to bring it back. Again? There must be a lot of cash in those syndication rights. Word is that Bill Lawrence is in discussions, and that he could even come back in some capacity, though he's also working on a new sitcom, "Cougartown," starring Courtney Cox (Lawrence should've cashed out after Season 4 and done that Fletch remake). Likewise, Zach Braff may consider returning in a recurring role. Neil Flynn (Janitor), John McGinley, and Donald Faison are all starring in pilots next season, so if their other shows get picked up, the best they could do is recurring roles, which basically means that Ted and the retired Chief will be the new stars of the show, along with the new class of interns (minus Aziz Ansari).

ABC: Let it go. Seriously. Give it a proper send-off. And let it die with the remaining dignity it has.

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