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Hollywood Ageists Want Sex and the City: The Teenage Years

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | June 4, 2010 |

  • I have every faith that David Fincher is going to do right by The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and the latest casting possibility confirms that: Daniel Craig is in early talks to take the lead, a lead that once looked like Brad Pitt would take. There's still no word on the female lead, and as much as I like Carey Mulligan, I don't really see her for the role. All the same, this is one of those instances where I think that a foreign-language version and an American version can both thrive, both critically and commercially (internationally, at least, in the case of the latter). If you get a chance, though, I really, really encourage you to check out the Swedish version before Fincher's arrives next winter. (The Wrap)

  • CBS is close to picking up "Mad Love" for a mid-season order, a show that had Lizzy Caplan featured in the pilot. However, she wouldn't commit yet to the show, so they are recasting that role, and it may go to Judy Greer. This is actually doubly good news because 1) Judy Greer on TV is always good news, and 2) it might mean that Lizzy Caplan has decided to turn down the pilot out of loyalty to "Party Down" and its slim hopes of a third season. (Please watch "Party Down." It's released on Netflix Instant at the same time that it airs. If you like "Arrested Development," "Veronica Mars," Paul Rudd, Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, or really funny television comedies, you will adore "Party Down." And the more of you that watch it, the better chance we have at a third season.) (Deadline)

  • I usually don't feature trailers in Whippits, but I don't really know what to say about the one for Jackboots and Whitehall, which is a puppet/claymation flick with great voice talent behind it (Ewan McGregor, Timothy Spall, Alan Cumming (as Hitler), Rosamund Pike, and Tom Wilkinson). I feel like I should find it funny, but I kind of really don't.

  • Amy Ryan is now set to join the cast of "In Treatment," a rare quality HBO drama that I haven't mustered the energy to watch yet. It's on my summer watch list, along with "Fringe" and "Skins." How many of you want to vouch for "In Treatment"? (Deadline)

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