See Mom, Comics Are Art: Pitch Sketches from Abandoned Sandman Film

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See Mom, Comics Are Art: Pitch Sketches from Abandoned Sandman Film

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | August 16, 2012 | Comments ()


A few years ago, there were rumors that a Sandman movie might be in the works. The project never went anywhere, which is probably for the best, because the chance of a film being able to live up to even a shadow of that voluminous masterpiece is close enough to zero that it requires an electron microscope to even see it.

But one good thing has come out of after all. When the pitch was made for the film, a number of sketches were made in order to communicate to the disposable executives just what they were going to see on the screen. This is because obviously there is no other way to show someone what a movie based on a comic book might look like, as there is no visual representation of the story in any way, shape, or form that could be displayed to someone with eyeballs. This bafflement aside, the artist who made said sketches (Jill Thompson, who also did work on Sandman itself) has put up a bunch of those sketches for sale.

Here's a smattering for your enjoyment:





There are still a few of the pieces available at the artist's website, though they cost $800. I tried to buy the rest for the Pajiba citadel, but Dustin cancelled the credit card I borrowed from his room at SXSW because apparently hiring Neil deGrasse Tyson to build me a Tardis is not an approved business expense.

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  • Javier

    I'd be happy with an animated HBO show a la Spawn

  • POINGjam

    It even features Keanu Reeves.

  • Cody McKee

    Yes, that Cereal Convention story ("The Doll's House") was incredible.And those pieces on her site seem to cover the first 20 or so issues... I always thought a Sandman version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" might work on its own, but I'm sure it will never happen... "Season of Mists" would have been pretty epic, too.

  • hapl0

    Are all executives disposable? Kinda feel bad for em. You know, the good ones.

  • Ley

    Oh good God, the Corinthian looks unnervingly awesome.

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