Sebastian Stan & Anthony Mackie Discuss Chris Evans' Boob Grabbing Habit At Chicago Comic-Con
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Sebastian Stan & Anthony Mackie Discuss Chris Evans' Boob Grabbing Habit At Chicago Comic-Con

By Agent Bedhead | Trade News | August 25, 2014 | Comments ()


The double-trouble team of Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan hit up Chicago Comic-Con over the weekend. This was the duo’s third convention in support of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Each con that these fellows attend grows increasingly humorous. They really pair well together, and Marvel must delight in their chemistry. Anthony’s abrasive wit bounces well off Sebastian’s more laid back humor. They give each other a hard time. If you haven’t seen any of their joint interviews (this one for Empire is charming) or their previous Comic-Con panels (the Philly installment is the best), you’re missing out on a good time.

Chicago’s convention is still in hangover mode. Google reveals an array of happy fans who posed it up with their favorite Marvel boys. From all accounts, both Stan and Mackie were completely gracious and willing to do everyone’s bidding. I’d post some pics, but you know, privacy. (The pics are all over Google.)

The full Chicago panel discussion hasn’t yet landed on YouTube, but I’ll be all over the video when it surfaces. For the moment, we have an interesting panel moment about Chris Evans’ boob-groping habit. Have you ever noticed this strange phenomenon? Evans grabs his own boob whenever he laughs. Like so:


Evans also enthusiastically slaps the boobs of his co-stars. Here he is doing it (twice) to Robert Downey Jr. (at the 0:50 mark):

Hence the awkward question posed at Chicago Comic Con:

Girl: “Hi, so I have a question for both Sebastian and Anthony, umm, so as you both may know Chris Evans has this thing where he grabs people’s left boobs…”

Anthony: “What? Where on earth did you get that?”

Sebastian: “Yeah he does that when he gets too excited…”

Then Sebastian demonstrated to Mackie how things go down when Chris gets excited. Stan performed a real-time and a slo-mo version. Both are pretty great:

Chris’ left boob (which has its own Twitter account, apparently) must have been tingling as this act went down. RDJ will hear about this and never let Chris hear the end of it (just like the Dorito joke). Poor Evans. He has enough neuroses already.

Here’s a bonus Chicago clip of Stan singing “Sherry” from Jersey Boys while discussing what song he’d like to do with Mackie in a karaoke duet.

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  • thanks for posting my instagram video :) the youtube video is stolen from my instagram/tumblr, but that's mine too. the FULL PANEL is posted on my youtube here:

  • Mythra Sun

    I have never wanted to be Anthony Mackie more in my life

    Sebastian- I'm open and available for more demonstrations need be! :)

  • I love that Sebastian immediately knew what she meant. And someone needs to get these guys their own movie or tv show, stat.

  • Terrific, always good to see good chemistry without too much bro-ness and trying too hard.

    Reminded me that I saw '8 Mile' yesterday, and had forgotten Mackie was in that. He was fine, but the young man has come a long way since then - both with the muscle juice and owning his personality as an actor.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Well, good.

  • BendinIntheWind
  • luthien26

    You are doing the lord's work!

  • Agent Bedhead

    Bless you.

  • Hmm...buddy cop action-comedy starring Mackie and Stan?

    Anyone interested?

  • Queen_Boudicca

    I hope Evans doesn't become self conscious and stop the left-boob grabbing. LOL.

  • BWeaves

    So, the boob grabbing thing must be pretty hot, because my screen says, "Service unavailable."

  • emmalita

    It's not so much hot in and of itself, but it is fodder for slash fiction.

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