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By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | July 15, 2010 |

  • We've gotten the reason for why Piranha 3D got booted from Comic-Con, and Prisco nailed it on the first try: boobs. Basically the footage they wanted to show had wet white t-shirts, and when officials told director Alexandre Aja that he'd have to trim it to PG-13, he said that they'd have to take his breasts from his cold dead hands. He booked a theater a block away from Comic-Con to show the uncut footage there instead. (source: Blastr)

  • See that source link in the last sentence? SciFi Wire, which is owned by the SyFy network, has decided to rebrand the news feed. This is apropos of a conversation a few days ago in which some of us noted that it was odd that they rebranded from SciFi Channel to SyFy, but did not rebrand from SciFi Wire to SyFy Wire. This conversation also involved looking up domain records and noting that "syfywire.com" was unregistered, which would make for a hilarious couple of days until the cease and desist letter arrived. Apparently SyFy monitors Facebook conversations so they've rebranded to Blastr. Because they will not be happy until every brand they own contains a typo. (source Blastr)

  • And finally, here's a video of legendary science fiction author Ray Bradbury snarking it up about Mel Gibson, who owns the movie rights to Fahrenheit 451:

    (hat tip: Dustin)

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