Scarlett Johansson Also Forgets to Wear a Shirt in the Freaky as Hell Trailer for "Under the Skin"
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Scarlett Johansson Also Forgets to Wear a Shirt in the Freaky as Hell Trailer for Under the Skin

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 3, 2013 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.20.06 AM.png

I have no earthly idea what is going on in this trailer for Jonathan Glazer’s (Sexy Beast, Birth) new movie, which just premiered at the Venice Film Festival, Under the Skin. It’s a sci-fi film, it’s freaky as hell, and it appears as though Glazer has taken some of the imagery from “American Horror Story” and superimposed it with shots of ScarJo walking backwards, fornicating, and doing weird stuff.

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  • Dave Dorris

    Know what I love about ScarJo? Still appropriately...cushy. And that's a good thing.

  • rumcove

    Looks like David Lynch and Lars von Trier made a movie together.

  • ed newman

    I also sense a little The Shining era Kubrick.

  • stardust

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Tenacious_EJ

    If that's the case, there's a 100% chance I will never, ever see it.

  • Joseph Finn

    Loved this novel and I find it interesting that the move looks like it's been filmed as a lost 1970's sci-fi film, which might be appropriate.

  • tjedison

    Why are so many of these clips so dark? I can barely make out anything.

  • Secretly the Black Widow movie

  • Tenacious_EJ

    This could have ScarJo in full-on XXX porn and I think I'd have to skip it. Watching that was like trying to explain the Anime film Akira in mime.

  • Wōđanaz Óðinn

    Either will do.

  • DeistBrawler



  • BWeaves

    Your comment was even more coherent than what I was trying to say.

  • koko temur

    if ScarJo cant find a bra that fits her well, there is absolutely no hope for the rest of us

  • Joseph Finn

    It makes perfect sense in the context of the story, believe me.

  • Kirstini

    Possibly the only time this comment could actually be appropriate.

  • John G.


    Ha! I hadn't heard that word in so long, I decided to look it up.

    Fornication typically refers to consensual sexual intercourse between two people not married to each other. For many people, the term carries an overtone of moral or religious disapproval, but the significance of sexual acts to which the term is applied varies between religions, societies and cultures. The definition is often disputed

    The word derives from Latin, "fornix" meaning "arch", supposedly as a euphemism for "brothel"

  • BWeaves

    My favorite Doctor Who story involves the first Doctor, William Hartnell. Videotape was expensive, so they'd do one shot per scene, and if someone screwed up, they figured nobody would notice. Heck, the program was only going to air once, and the kiddies wouldn't notice.

    The Doctor asked Susan to check the "fault-locator" of the TARDIS, but instead, he called it the "fornicator."

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