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'Scandal' Ditches Columbus Short After Recent, Uh, Scandals

By Genevieve Burgess | Trade News | April 25, 2014 | Comments ()


Today it was announced that Columbus Short will not be returning for the next season of Scandal. This probably does not come as a surprise to fans of the series, as his character ended Season 3 with a gun pointed at his head and a very accomplished killer with his finger on the trigger. Things looking grim for Harrison, and it appears that the audience’s worst suspicions have been confirmed.

Short had recently been in the news due to a domestic dispute with his wife that resulted in a restraining order and a divorce filing. The scenes of Harrison were likely shot months ago, and Shonda Rhimes is a big fan of leaving secondary characters in mortal danger between seasons when contracts need to be renegotiated.

So, say goodbye to Harrison Wright and his fondness for mixing patterns. And let’s hope Columbus Short decides to put all his new free time towards some counseling and anger management classes.

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  • e jerry powell

    Even funnier, ABC hasn't officially renewed "Scandal" for a fourth season yet. After Kimmel's killer ratings with Scandalabra, though, it may be the foregone conclusion everyone's making it out to be.

  • emmalita

    That is an ugly series of incidents. I will miss him on the show, but he's got some stuff to work through.

  • e jerry powell

    A little bit.

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