'Saturday Night Live' Courageously Chooses Black Guy To Play President Obama

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'Saturday Night Live' Courageously Chooses Black Guy To Play President Obama

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 13, 2012 | Comments ()


Look how far we've come in America, folks. Nearly 150 years after we ended slavery, nearly 60 years since we ended separate but equal, forty years after Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the "I Have a Dream Speech," and four years after we elected our first black president, Saturday Night Live has FINALLY cast a black guy to impersonate a black president.

Indeed, after four awful years of Fred Armisen impersonating President Obama, Saturday Night Live has wisely given that job to the best pure impersonator the show the show has ever had, Jay Pharoah, who is black, JUST LIKE OBAMA.

My God! We've come so far as a country. But I will not rest until a black man is impersonating Mitt Romney on Saturday Night Live.

Here's an awesome, awesome reel of 50 Jay Pharoah impressions, including his Obama impression at 6:21.

(Note, also, that Taran Killam is set to play Paul Ryan, and this week's season premiere has "three different takes" on Clint Eastwood, whatever that means.

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