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Ryan Reynolds Abs Make Another Movie No One Will See
Except Me! / Dustin Rowles

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ryan_reynolds_99.jpgYou know why Ryan Reynolds isn’t the huge international superstar that he deserves to be? It’s because casting directors haven’t yet caught on to his immense talent (and well-sculpted abs) and put him in a huge movie. That may change next summer, when he’s starring opposite Sandra Bullock in the romantic comedy The Proposal. Sure, it’s a romantic comedy, but with Sandra Bullock, it’s at least guaranteed to bring in some eyes. Or at least more than the one of which we will not speak co-starring Amy Smart or the surprisingly sweet and charming Definitely, Maybe.

The project Ryan Reynolds signed onto most recently, The Paper Man — about a middle-aged, failed author who strikes up an “unlikely” friendship with a teenager — certainly won’t help. Damn Ryan and his indie cred. Jeff Daniels will play the failed author, and Ryan Reynolds and Lisa Kudrow will co-star in the indie comedy. It will be directed by Kieran and Michele Mulroney, who are responsible for the Justice League script that will probably never be made.

Meanwhile, maybe his tiny, tiny role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine will make Reynolds the star his meant to be, though I’m not holding out hope. He doesn’t even merit an inclusion in either the teaser trailer or the longer trailer that leaked during Comic-Con.

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