Runner: I'm Not Sure Disney Knows What "Original" Means

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | March 9, 2011 |


Tell me if you've seen this movie before: post-apocalyptic future, the few survivors invent time travel, send a guy back, but instead of saving the world he gives up and tries to save a girl. Twelve Monkeys was awesome. This is not Twelve Monkeys though, this is a flick called The Runner to which Disney just acquired the rights. And by acquired, I mean that they are already rolling out plans for a simultaneous release of video game, television series, mobile content, and graphic novels in addition to the film.

With all of those ambitious plans for additional content, one would assume that there's one hell of a script shoring up the foundation right? That even though the general outline sounds like Twelve Monkeys, there's got to be some fantastic details embedded in the story to be worth spinning out into seventeen different media platforms, right? Heh. Of course not. That would require there to be a script. There are no details, because all that exists is a pitch.

But, okay, the guy that came up with the pitch must have some serious credentials, right? They didn't just cut a check for some guy off the street with a three line story idea he read off the back of his last Netflix rental, right?

They might have done better plucking someone off the streets. The writer in question is Dave Andron, whose primary claim to fame is writing all 18 episodes of the 2008 reboot of "Knight Rider."

Every aspect of this story illustrates different ways in which the film industry is broken. But hey, at least the mouse gets fed.

(source: Deadline)

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