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September 30, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | September 30, 2008 |

Roger Ebert has been in the news more in the last month (since he officially quit “At the Movies”) than he has been in the last five years. A couple of weeks ago, New York Post critic, Lou Lumenick, took a swipe at him. And now, Ebert is taking swipes at John McCain, assessing Friday’s debate on his website, He writes, in part:

I do not like you, John McCain. My feeling has nothing to do with issues. It has to do with common courtesy. During the debate, you refused to look Barack Obama in the eye. Indeed, you refused to look at him at all. Even when the two of you shook hands at the start, you used your eyes only to locate his hand, and then gazed past him as you shook it.

Obama is my guy. If you are rude to him, you are rude to me. If you came to dinner at my house and refused to look at or speak with one of my guests, that would be bad manners and I would be offended. Same thing if I went to your house. During the debate, you were America’s guest.

I had to do two things at once while watching the debate. I had to listen to what was being said. And I had to process your rigid and contemptuous behavior. If you were at a wedding and the father of the groom refused to look at or speak to the bride, how would that make you feel? Especially if you were the father of the bride?

We all know the truth, though. McCain couldn’t look directly at Obama because his heart would melt. That Obama, he’s a handsome fella. And that, folks, is why I’m voting Obama/Messiah ‘08.

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Industry | September 30, 2008 |

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