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rogerebertdafd.jpgI swear to God, growing up I could not stand Roger Ebert. When I was a teenager, before The Google dominated our lives, I used to have one of Ebert’s movie review compendiums. I’d spend hours going through that book, trying to find movies on which we agreed. Of course, at the time, I liked Young Einstein and Rawhead Rex, so the only common ground I could ever find was Romero’s Day of the Dead series. Mostly, I just thought he was such a smug prick because he liked so few comedies (he still doesn’t seem to care for many). I still don’t love his overall tastes in films (except for where Tyler Perry is concerned — no one tears Perry a bigger new assholes than Ebert), but I’ve begrudgingly grown to respect him.

That respect blossomed yesterday. I’m sure most of you have heard by now that that prick over at the New York Post took a swipe, fist-wise, at Ebert. Of course, Lou Lumenick didn’t realize it was Ebert; he just thought it was some asshole behind him that wouldn’t stop tapping him on the shoulder, asking him to move his head so that he could see the screen. And if you take the fact that Ebert has been recovering from cancer out of the equation, it’s hard not to admit that Lumenick did what so many of us have wanted to do our entire goddamn lives: Punch an obnoxious moviegoer (nevermind, also, that Lou Lumenick is one of the worst critics working today, and the reason that print reviews are dying).

Credit Ebert, too, for acknowledging it and not opting for faux outrage (as some in our political world are apt to do). In fact, Ebert wrote this on his blog yesterday:

“This whole matter was embarrassing, because it drew attention to me and invited pity, which makes me cringe…in one way I feel sorry for him. He had no idea who was behind him when he smacked me. Now it looked like he was picking on poor me. I have had my problems, but I promise you I am plenty hearty enough to withstand a smack, and quite happy, after the smack, to tap him again. I had to see those subtitles.”

You rock, Roger. That’s the fucking spirit, man.

Roger Ebert Rolls with the Punches (Pun, intentional)
This Guy is Awesome / Dustin Rowles

Industry | September 12, 2008 | Comments ()

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