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This trailer probably should’ve gone in today’s geek news, but the truth is, I absofuckinglutely adored the first Underworld movie, if only because — before Ryan Reynolds and Robert Downey, Jr. — my man crushes were on Scott Foley and Scott Speedman (I am one proud motherfucking “Felicity” fanatic, and you can stick that smirk right up your shit-hole). The only reason I haven’t written it up as a retrospective is because if falls somewhere between underappreciated gem and Pajiba blockbuster, and it’s a little too intense for Hangover Theater. The critics killed it at the time, but I think it stands out as one of the better gothic fantasy flicks in recent years, even if it did lack in creativity and felt a little like a Blade knock-off. Unfortunately, the second film Underworld: Evolution — other than Kate Beckinsale’s insane leather pants — did nothing for me.

And here’s the trailer for number three: The Rise of the Lycans. It’s a prequel — or an origins story — which is the studio’s way of working around the fact that Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman won’t be returning for the third installment, in which case: What’s the point. Not even Len Wiseman, the director, will have anything to do with it, though The Rise of the Lycans will give us a preview of Dirk Blackman’s writing style — he’s also attached to 2010’s Conan remake. It’s also clear, from the trailer, that they’re really really trying to capitalize on Gerard Butler’s 300 voice.

Underworld Without Kate Beckinsale's Leather Pants

So What's the Point? / Dustin Rowles

Industry | October 24, 2008 | Comments ()

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