R.I.P.D. Trailer: That Time When Colonel Sanders And Deadpool Joined The Undead Men In Black To Fight Mutant Ghost Gollums

By TK | Trade News | April 18, 2013 | Comments ()


I figured I'd just cut to the goddamn chase with the title of this thing.

Folks, here is the trailer for R.I.P.D., the film based on the Dark Horse comic book series. It stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges as supernatural cops who hunt down renegade ghost and goblins. It costars Mary Louise Parker, Kevin Bacon, Marissa Miller, and the great James Hong, which is a pretty nice little cast. It's directed by Robert Schwentke, whose first action film, Red, was one of 2010's surprisingly enjoyable films, thanks in no small part to another stellar cast.

So let me just come out and say it: R.I.P.D. looks like rancid deep-fried dog vomit. This trailer is horrible, the kind of trailer that I didn't crack a single smile for, and it's supposed to be funny. I watched it with my wife in the room, and I was embarrassed to admit that Dustin had seen this trailer and immediately thought, "TK should write this one up."

They're clearly going for a zany, Men In Black-type vibe -- the trailer basically tears whole cloth away from the MIB franchise and just swaps aliens out for ghosts. I'd hoped that this might be one of those lesser-known comic book adapatations that ends up being a pleasant surprise. Maybe something like Constantine, a film that isn't particularly faithful, but can certainly be enjoyable. Instead... we got this. We didn't even get something like Cowboys and Aliens.

We just got fucking Jonah Hex'd, y'all.

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