Renewals and Cancellations: Every TV Show You've Ever Loved Will Be Yanked Away From You. But Not Yet
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Renewals and Cancellations: Every TV Show You've Ever Loved Will Be Yanked Away From You. But Not Yet

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | March 28, 2013 | Comments ()


There's quite a bit of activity going on in the television world this morning, so let's bang it out with some bullet points.

  • "Justified" has been renewed for another season. This is not a surprise. It will return in January 2014, along with the second season of "The Americans."

  • FX has launched new comedy network, FXX. It will launch in September, and to help get it off the ground, "The League" and "It's Always Sunny" have been renewed for two additional seasons and will move to the new network, which will replace Fox Soccer (sorry, one person out there who watches Fox Soccer). "Louie" may also return in May 2014 on the new comedy network, which will air all of FX's sitcoms, plus four new ones in 2014 and six new ones in 2015.

  • FX has also ordered a number of "limited" series (also known as mini-series), including a 10-episode order of "Fargo," a television series based on the film.

  • CBS renewed practically it's entire lineup yesterday. For our purposes, that includes "The Good Wife" and, as we already knew, "How I Met Your Mother." The downside to the slew of renewals is that there is only one space left ("Rules of Engagement," which is expected to be cancelled) for new pilots, including the new Will Arnett sitcom from Greg Garcia ("Raising Hope.")

  • "Happy Endings" returns tomorrow with two episodes. I hate what ABC has done with the show, but I don't want to punish "Happy Endings" for ABC's viewer abuse. So, please watch it. If it does well, maybe ABC renews it. Don't put any money on that bet.

  • The latest in the morning-show wars is that, now NBC says it has no intention of booting Matt Lauer, and he will stay on the "Today" show for "years to come." That, folks, is probably a lie.

  • Finally, the latest twist in the ongoing late-night wars is that Jay Leno had expected to leave when his contract was up in September 2014 all along. He's just pissy because of the way NBC is handling it, and making it look like he's being forced out. Fair enough. NBC is bad at public relations.

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  • Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

    • pumpkin

      Another Will Arnett sitcom? I think he works best as a supporting role or guest star.

      He reminds me of my brother, adorable and funny, but only in relatively small doses.

    • Uriah_Creep

      Fair enough. NBC is bad at public relation programming, development, "talent", etc.

    • e jerry powell

      CoCo could write a book.

    • Uriah_Creep

      And he should. He'd sell a boatload of them.

    • idleobserver

      It was reported that ABC renewed Nashville when it was on the bubble. Currently Nashville's ratings are steadily sliding into the great abyss. Now what does ABC do?

    • e jerry powell

      Go back to Shonda Rhimes? Bring back David E. Kelley?

    • e jerry powell

      Jay Leno. Poor baby.

      Whatever. Past time for him and his chin.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Not even joking, what the fuck do you mean "replace Fox Soccer"???

    • lowercase_ryan

      NVM, NBC got the rights to the Premier League. We're all good.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Bitches love bullet points.

    • e jerry powell

      Why, yes, Yes, we do.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser

      Ain't no sunshine since they cancelled Bitch 23. They gave that show the Joan Collins special.

    • TheReinaG

      I like to think NBC's current game plan is to emulate Jack Donaghey's attempt to tank the network to depress the value so someone without their head completely up their ass can take over. I keep telling myself these people cannot honestly continue to be paid as much as they are to continually make these epically bad decisions.

    • idleobserver

      Your theory sounds sort of like the producers of this seasons American Idol. Take a top rating show and tank it.

    • Bedewcrock

      I'm kind of excited for this Will Arnett and Greg Garcia combo. But I am sad for Raising Hope. Love Martha Plimpton and Garrett Dillahunt.

    • True_Blue

      Does it mean Raising Hope won't have My Name is Earl references anymore?

    • Guest

      Why? Yes it lost Greg Garcia but was renewed.

    • Bedewcrock

      I'm thinking about Community and how it doesn't have the same quirky shine as it did with Dan Harmon.

    • Tinkerville

      This is going to be an unpopular view but I hope Happy Endings gets cancelled. The show has fallen so far that I'm okay with it ending while I still have some memories of the times when it was great. If it keeps going like this it'll be easier to remember the mess it's become instead of the first couple of seasons.

    • Peezy

      This is a bad comment and you should feel bad.

    • Lollygagger9

      Checking in as the lone Fox Soccer viewer. That change pisses me off. That's a great channel for those of us who really love that sport (there aren't tons but especially where I live there are many). It was great to have on in the evening, to get caught up on all the international news. I thought part of the benefit of a gaggle of channels was the space for niche programming. Grrr.

    • BLZ Bubb

      Not to worry, Fox was outbid by NBC for most soccer broadcasting rights. there will be a lot more of The Beautiful Game on TV. I only hope NBC keeps the brit announcers, they certainly made FSC special

    • John W

      Is there a chance Happy Endings follows Cougar Town or goes to this new FX comedy channel?

      What are the ratings for it? Could it move to...gasp...NBC?

    • e jerry powell

      The thing about FX comedy is that it's going to go with what FX already owns/develops first. Happy Endings is a Sony TV project, no? Didn't Coquette take their toys to TNT because they got a better deal/stronger commitment there?

    • mairimba

      I've seen a few episodes of Rules of Engagement (since it comes after HIMYM) and if the show only focused on Patrick Warburton you'd have one of the best comedies currently running. David Spade ruins everything.

    • e jerry powell

      That said, why not just have a 22-minute segment that's just Warburton and nobody else is in the frame? I'd watch the shit out of that.

    • pumpkin

      It's a decent show. Patrick Warburton is great (as usual). I have a soft spot for David Spade (from Just Shoot Me), but his schtick has gotten old.

    • e jerry powell

      The guy's not bad, but really, has David Spade ever played anyone other than David Spade?

      I'd make the same comment about Warburton, but every time I see him I'm overwhelmed to the point of distraction by all his testosterone and I forget what I was going to say.

      Okay, Warburton has his schtick too, but I don't think I will ever get tired of it. At least not until I have to start using Androgel.

    • True_Blue

      I agree--lose David Spade. But keep the Indian guy and work him into the Patrick Warburton and wife storyline.

    • Sara_Tonin00

      I just read Take the Cannoli by Sarah Vowell, and she has a delightful essay on attempting to cure her insomnia. While she does not have success via 4 other methods, including giving up caffeine, she does determine that watching The Tonight Show puts her to sleep. She wonders if that is the reason it is so highly rated.

    • e jerry powell

      It's cheaper than Lunesta.

    • Kballs

      Jay Leno oozed out of his mother as a pissy, preening, whiny little dickface. I fucking hate that guy.

    • Robert

      Didn't NBC swear they had no plans of removing Ann Curry from the Today Show and then announced her leaving a few weeks later?

    • Zen

      The satirical current affairs show Frontline (Breaking News in the USA) said it best.
      "He has this network's 100% support. Right up to the day we sack him."

    • Wembley

      That's how I remember it, but I wasn't really paying attention.

      But, yeah, having your bosses express confidence in and support of you is like finding a horse's head in your bed. Just a matter of time at that point.

    • e jerry powell

      While your point is taken, the Jack Woltz metaphor is a bit skewed. Woltz only got the Khartoun treatment because he'd already indicated that he wouldn't be playing ball with the Corleone family. The next morning was just a "stepping up" of the negotiations, and amounted to the "offer he couldn't refuse."

    • Robert

      G4TV just did the same thing to Adam Sessler. He heard rumors that he was being fired, but the producers kept telling him not to worry and releasing statements that it was false. They told him while he was filming what would become his last episode of X-Play that the producers needed to meet with him. His contract ended that day without any advanced warning.

    • Wow...that is super shitty! I was wondering what the hell happened to him. He hosted that show from the beginning and then he was just gone with barely a mention. What makes it look even worse is that when Kevin left Attack of the Show like a month earlier they made sucha big deal out of it.

    • L.O.V.E.

      NBC versus Jay Leno: The Unstoppable Incompetence versus the Immovable Suck.

    • Adrienne Marie

      If he's being forced out, good. I'm still pissed at Jay Leno for being probably one of the main reasons "Life" was cancelled.

    • Fabius_Maximus

      How did he manage that?

    • Van68

      By sucking up several 10-11pm slots in NBC's lineup for his prime-time show. And then, by just sucking.

    • e jerry powell

      How is sucking at 10:00 worse than sucking at 11:30?

    • Wembley

      When he did his every night at 10pm show and NBC cut 5 hours worth of programming. I believe that was the beginning of the death spiral.

    • Guest

      Southland is also one step closer to cancellation with both Regina King and Ben McKenzie signing pilot deals.

      Michael Cudlitz and Shawn Hatosy have been outstanding in series and I'll miss Cooper if TNT doesn't renew.

      What about P&R? NBC, please cancel Community.

    • For the record, I downvoted you for bringing sad Southland news and making me sad.

    • Guest

      Both pilot deals are contingent on TNT dropping the ball and not renewing the show so it's up to them.

      I really don't care if H.E. is renewed at this point, the show hasn't been the same for awhile now.

    • I have zero sympathy for Jay Leno after the Conan debacle.

      Also, love that pic of Timothy Olyphant. It's so not Raylan.

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