Renewals and Cancelations: One of Television's Sitcom Gems Gets Renewed, But Loses Its Showrunner
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Renewals and Cancelations: One of Television's Sitcom Gems Gets Renewed, But Loses Its Showrunner

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | March 5, 2013 | Comments ()


I mentioned it in a post yesterday, and on this week's Station Agents podcast (due up soon), and I will continue to beat on that drum: If you're not watching "Raising Hope," you're missing one of the most charming, earnest, and clever sitcoms on television. It's not exactly irreverent, and it doesn't machine-gun blast pop-culture references at you, but it is sweet, it is funny, and it is coming back for a fourth season.

Fox announced yesterday that "Raising Hope" has been picked up for an additional season, along with "New Girl," "The Mindy Project," and "The Following." I do not like "The Following," but I'm glad Mindy Kaling gets another season to continue working into the series' rhythm (it's getting much better, although it's not quiet there yet) and, well, "New Girl" is with "Parks and Rec" as one of the two best sitcoms on television. Also, speaking of "The Mindy Project," Chloƫ Sevigny has signed on to play Danny's ex-wife for a multi-episode arc beginning in April.

On the flip side, Greg Garcia -- the showrunner for "Raising Hope" -- will be departing the show, handing it off to his top lieutenant, and focusing on his new CBS sitcom with Will Arnett. As we've come to learn from "Community" and "Cougar Town" this season, showrunner do mean a lot to a show. I suspect, knowing he was on his way out, that this is why Garcia has been working his old shows, "Yes Dear" and "My Name is Earl" into "Raising Hope," which has had a string of four or five episodes, which have been the best of the series. Last week's was my favorite, although if you didn't watch "My Name is Earl," you'd probably miss a lot of the jokes, but you're sure to understand the Almost Famous gag that Garcia worked in with Jason Lee. It was sublime.

Here's a fantastic clip from last week's episode.

There's only two or three episodes left this season, but it's never too late to start from the beginning and catch up in time for season four. It's totally worth it. You can watch the first two seasons on Netflix.

Meanwhile, the cast of "Happy Endings," which has been banished to Friday nights, where it will likely die a slow, painful death (booo!) discusses their move (via WG)

Finally, despite promises that next year would be the last season for "Dexter," there were a lot of rumors suggesting that the show -- currently getting its highest ratings ever -- might return for a ninth season to help prop up Showtime's new crop of shows. Les Moonves -- the president of CBS, which owns Showtimes -- dispelled those rumors. Next season, which starts this summer, will definitely be the last. Probably.

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  • e jerry powell

    Please, let the Dexter endgame happen. This I beg, in the name of all things sacred and profane.

  • Siege

    I agree with the 'Raising Hope' love. The early episode about the mother's deranged obsession with family photos was pure genius. I should catch up on it--my DVR recently decided that it hated all my series recordings, and I am still discovering shows that I forgot to reprogram.

  • Lotney

    I'm so happy for New Girl. This season has been awesome!

    This reminded me that for every beloved show that is canceled too soon and leaves us with our hearts broken there will be new ones to fill the void.

    And in retrospective I feel better about the ones that were taken from me too soon like Freaks & Geeks and Arrested Development than about the ones that were left to die and decompose in my arms like the american The Office.

    To see Happy Endings moved to the Friday death slot hurts. I would rather just say goodbye and move on.

  • dizzylucy

    Yay for the comedies! I have loved Raising Hope from episode 1, grown to love New Girl, and Mindy is definitely improving and has much potential.
    Bummed GG is leaving the show, but hopefully he'll work his magic and finally get a great comedy going for Will Arnett again.

    I keep giving the Following a chance each week, I'll watch to the end of this season and see how it goes. I suspect badly, but we'll see.

    I hope Happy Endings sticks around, but I haven't enjoyed this season quite as much.

  • Pat

    I hope losing Greg Garcia is not gonna hurt too much. There's been so much awesome in Raising Hope lately.

  • kilmo

    Happy Endings is so great. It's such a rewatchable show, along with New Girl. I laugh every time. It better not get cancelled before Penny', because she will cut a bitch.

    Also glad I stuck with The Mindy Project. It gets better and actually funny each week. Although, Chole Svenigy(sp?) really. I did not picture that AT ALL.

  • JenVegas

    The only reason I was watching The Following was because it was supposed to be a limited 13 episode run not a whole "ooh let's drag this out into another season" thing like The Killing turned out to be. Run away, Kevin Bacon! Run!

  • Buck Forty

    I am so pissed with these "we have climbed the mountain - but look! There's another mountain we must climb before we are done" BS dramas.

  • I love Raising Hope, that is all.

  • toblerone

    Me too! But Greg Garcia's departure can't be a good thing. I would have burned Fox to the ground if they canceled Raising Hope or Bob's Burgers but thankfully both got renewed.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I loathe everything about The Following. I'm done. It's beyond bad, it's quite possibly the dumbest cop show ever. Monday nights are now strictly reserved for R&R (Reading and Ruzzle).

  • InternetMagpie

    I think you meant R&LR - Reading at Losing at Ruzzle.

    She says, full of hubris, as if JMarkes and Kolby don't beat her on the regular.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Gah! ok there is some truth to that. I can beat a few of you though. Those two just toy with me though. So does Stevens.

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