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I'm Sure it Will Be Very Stirring

Thanks But No Thanks / TK

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There’s nothing I don’t love about the casting. Sam Jackson? Hell yes. Maria Bello? I forgive you for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emporer, and plus, you bring the hotness. Abigail Breslin? Easily one of the most talented of the current crop of child stars. And yet, Rape: A Love Story is a film I will most likely be taking a pass on.

The story, as reported by Variety, is based on the Joyce Carol Oates novella published in 2003, and “centers on a mother (Bello) recovering from a brutal gang rape who is stalked by the perpetrators but is protected by a sympathetic cop (Jackson).” It sounds like it’s got great potential, but I freely and unapologetically admit that I’ve got a thing about rape scenes. I don’t condemn them, don’t deny their importance in some films… but I can’t watch ‘em.

It may be moot anyway — it’s directed by Harold Becker, whose resume isn’t exactly filled with winners — Domestic Disturbance and Mercury Rising? Domestic Disturbance is Travolta at his scenery-chewing worst, and does anyone even remember the Bruce Willis trainwreck that was Mercury Rising? Sadly, I do. Becker did also direct the underrated City Hall, but that succeeded more because of its actors than his directing.

In any event — Rape: A Love Story. Thanks, but I’ll pass.

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