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Rachel Weisz Looks Great in Leather as the Wicked Witch in the Oz: Great and Powerful Poster

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | November 1, 2012 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 8.05.48 AM.png

I'd love to see her pitted against Kate Beckinsale's Underworld character and Milla Jovovich's Resident Evil character in a battle of leather-clad bad-ass ladies.


Oz: The Great and Powerful also stars James Franco and Mila Kunis. It's set for release on March 8, 2013.

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  • Calculator

    Fail. Mila Kunis plays the wicked witch. Weisz plays her sister.

  • Buck Forty

    **I’d love to see her pitted against Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld character and Milla Jovovich’s Resident Evil character in a battle of leather-clad bad-ass ladies.**

    Expendables 4: Hellbound For Leather

  • Clancys_Daddy

    "I’d love to see her pitted against Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld character and Milla Jovovich’s Resident Evil character in a battle of leather-clad bad-ass ladies"

    Yes please two helpings.

  • Naye

    I hated the Wizard of Oz and I loved Wicked (i guess that says something about me). So I'm kind of biased against anything that plays on the original theme of the story.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Everyone looks great in CGI leather. Seriously, I'll send you pictures.

  • BWeaves

    Why do they have her posing near water? I thought water killed her? Have the rules suddenly changed?

  • Guest

    RUNNING water, too. Doy.

    But then, long drops can kill us mortals, yet we flock onto planes and observation decks. I guess even witches possess an imp of the perverse.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Cerebral haemorrhages ain't too good for us either and yet the masses still flock to American Idol and the like. I officially turned the telly off about 10 years ago, but I still ocassionally dust off the remote and open my eyes for a split second just to feel the rush of being so close to death by brainsplosion. It's like taking the special glasses of during a solar eclipse for a cheeky second and risking permanent eye damage.

  • BWeaves

    I've been to a solar eclipse. Darling Hubby is a professional astronomer. You can take your special glasses off once the moon completely covers the sun. It's awesome. Seriously awesome.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Oh I know - in fact I'd add an extra 'seriously' to your seriously awesome. I did an astrophysics degree for 4 years before calling it quits and that's one of the few things I remember. I should've been more specific with my clumsy metaphor, but literacy is one of the first things you sacrifice doing an astrophysics degree. Well, it's either that or the booze that did it.

  • Is is standard now for the Wicked Witch of the West to be all hot'n'sexy? If so, I approve of this development.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    I'd hex that.

  • ed newman

    Um, isn't that just a drawing of Weitz? I'm pretty sure they could make Lindsey Lohan actually look like Elizabeth Taylor in a drawing.

  • Artemis

    Yeah, it's not clear to me that Weisz had any involvement in the making of that very pretty piece of art. And last time I checked, her head was not significantly larger than her rib cage.

  • Ley

    I'd like to see her make a puddle.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor


  • Very.

  • Luke Anthony Matthews

    Wow, this movie was wasn't really on my radar...but the more I see, the more I like.

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