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July 23, 2008 |

By Seth Freilich | Industry | July 23, 2008 |

With the second half of the critics’ press tour having taken place since last week’s round-up, there’s a mess o’ stuff to talk about, and I’m going to hit most of it with quick one-liners (I’d do it with bullet points, but I don’t like bullet points — feels too much like I’m doing something for my real job). I’m not going to bitch about the Emmys because we all knew “The Wire” and “Battlestar Galactica” were going to get snubbed, so what the fuck (and to be fair, there is some gold amidst the nomination crap, such as “Dexter” and “Mad Men”). But anyway, enough already with the rambling introductions. Let’s puke us up some TV news.

To begin with, rest in peace Estelle Getty. I’ve always had an affinity for “The Golden Girls” in no small part because I used to watch it with my grandmother, and Getty’s Sophia was alway my favorite.

Anyways, moving on, ABC says that it’s retooling “Dirty Sexy Money” to get rid of a certain “indie element” to the show (presumably the dead dad stuff and/or the mysterious shenanigans between the Donald Sutherland and Blair Underwood characters) and to make it more of a “popcorn guilty pleasure.” Which is a’ight by me, as I already enjoy it as a popcorn guilty pleasure.

Phoey to “Pushing Daisies.” I’m still a fan of the freshman darling, and have been looking forward to its return. But now, slightly less so, as it’s been announced that David Arquette will be guest starring in the show’s fourth episode. I won’t spoil the little that’s been said about his character but, from the description, it sounds like he could show up again down the line, and this bums me out to no end. So here’s hoping they kill him off, so then we can have Ned spark him back to life only to kill him permanently and forever. That way, we would not only get to see Arquette die twice, but we’d know he could never come back on the show, ever ever. That’s what we here at Pajiba call a win-win.

The bad news for all the frak fans is that we now know for 100 percent certain that “Battlestar Galactica” won’t be returning for its final run until 2009. The grain of good news is that at least it will be returning in January 2009, so we can all start our six-month countdown clocks. And we’ll soon have an idea of whether the “BSG” prequel “Caprica” is going to be any good or not or, at least, whether the Sci Fi execs think it’s any good. Originally, the two-hour pilot was going to run as its own movie, a so-called backdoor pilot, and a series order would then be based on ratings and reception. Now the execs say they’re going to watch the thing in a couple of weeks and decide whether to run it as a movie or to simply give the show a series order and use it as the launching pilot. So if we hear about an order in the next few weeks, we’ll know they dig the pilot, which is probably a good sign.

It’s not clear yet whether this will be the final season of “Scrubs,” but it is clear this will be Zach Braff’s final season, as we’ve sorta known for a while. And depending how next season goes, I could find myself interested in a Braff-less season of “Scrubs” simply because his character has been the least entertaining thing about it every since he started getting too cartoony. That being said, all of the regular actors’ contracts expire in September, so they may be tied up with other business by the time a renewal comes around (which is one of the reasons the show is injecting so much new blood in the upcoming season). But whatever with the whatever, because this season will have more of Donald Faison dancing, and if that’s not an excuse for watching one of our favorite “Scrubs” clips, I dunno what is:

On the “friendly reminder” front, as a commenter pointed out last week, yesterday was the release date for the “Spaced” box set, and there are many worse ways to spend your coin than picking that sucker up. Meanwhile, this Sunday is the much anticipated premiere of Season Two of “Mad Men,” which will certainly be the best thing on TV for at least the next month, if not for its entire run (we’ll see what the networks’ fall season has in store for us, but them shows will have a tough time bettering “Mad Men”). If you missed Season One, do what I just did, and go pick up the DVDs and have yourself a marathon. You shan’t be disappointed.

Fuck. When the Emmys dump on us in September, brace yourselves, because there will be more musical numbers. Folks seem to think that the Jersey Boys tribute to “The Sopranos” was well-received (by the fuck who?), so the producers are planning “to bring music into the show, which pleases the live audience a lot and breaks up the pacing of the awards.” Because, yes, breaking up the pacing of a long award show is totally what the viewers want. Fuck.

Good news/bad news for our British readers. The bad news? “Law & Order” is jumping across the pond with “Law & Order: UK.” The good news? Jamie Bamber (“Battlestar Galactica’s” Lee Adama) is slated to star in the show focusing on the London bobbies and judiciary. That Jamie Bamber, he’s kinda dreamy.

Remember that “Office” spinoff with Amy Poehler? Well it’s not going to be a spinoff, more like a sister show. But now there may also be a true spinoff, with Rashida Jones possibly reprising her role of Karen. “NBC — we’ll beat a horse until it’s glue!”

The decent USA show “In Plain Sight,” currently making a run on Sunday nights, has been picked up for a second season with a 16 episode order. Production will likely begin in October, meaning it would probably air early next year.

Over at Showtime, the resurgently funny “Weeds” has been given a two-season pickup, and the still entertaining “Penn & Teller: Bullshit” has been renewed for a seventh season, making it Showtime’s longest running show. The network also picked up “Nurse Jackie,” the dark comedy starring Edie Falco as a drug addicted nurse in NYC. The show will premiere sometime next year.

Speaking of Showtime, those of you in the crowd rich and wise enough to have the channel will be tickled to know that “Dexter” is coming back in just two months. Hot diggity. And speaking of “Dexter” and Showtime, of all the many photos I’ve seen from the critics tour, I do believe this one is my favorite:


Over at NBC, you may recall that “The Philanthropist” is the midseason show about a mega-rich dude who decides to start helping folks in need, skirting the law and buying people off to get shit done. It was originally coming to us from Tom Fontana and Barry Levinson, but they left after reportedly getting flack for making the show too dark, and David Eick (“Battlestar Galactica” and *shudder* “Bionic Woman”) came on to run the show. Anyway, I still say it sounds like I’m going to need to be bought off to be interested in it. That being said, NBC has made the first move in its attempt to buy me off by casting James Purefoy in the lead. He may be known to some of y’all from some other things, but I know him as Mark Antony on HBO’s wonderful “Rome” and he’s not just talented as all get-out, but he’s a bit dreamy (especially when he’s all bearded up!). I’m not on board with this show yet, but I’m a step closer.

Meanwhile, for those of us hoping that Season Three of “Friday Night Lights” would right the wrongs of Season Two, there’s some more bad news (on top of the fact that Jason Street and Smash are no longer regular characters) that suggests we might be wishing in one hand and shitting in the other. One of the storylines is going to focus on Tim and Lyla being in a serious relationship, and the fact that they’re an odd couple. Fuuuu…uuuuu…uuuck.

And speaking of “fuuu…uuuu…uuuck,” it’s now been confirmed that Shannon Doherty will be making a multi-episode appearance on the CW’s “90210.” So here’s hoping that Tristan Wilds’ character caps her ass (see, cause he played Michael on “The Wire” … see what I did there?). And dig this — the Peach Pit is being reimagined as a hipster coffee house. So here’s hoping Omar shows up and robs the joint (see, cause he’s a character on “The Wire” who robs joints).

You know what — fuck this shit. There’s other news, but I’ve puked enough on ya. To make up for it, and to reward you for sticking with it all, I’ll leave you with these videos because … well … just fucking because you need some awesome in your life.

Seth Freilich is Pajiba’s television editor. He meep meep meep meep, meepmeep meep meep. Meeep meeep meeepmeeep meep meeeeeeep. …Bork.

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July 23, 2008

Industry | July 23, 2008 |

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