Pretty Picture Dump: January Jones As a Prostitute and Jennifer Aniston as a Stripper

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Pretty Picture Dump: January Jones As a Prostitute and Jennifer Aniston as a Stripper

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | December 18, 2012 | Comments ()


Here's your first look at Touchy Feely, starring one of my very favorite actresses of the moment, Rosemarie Dewitt, plus Ellen Page, who we haven't seen in quite some time. Touchy Feely, which debuts at Sundance next month, comes from Lynn Shelton (Humpday) and also stars Alison Janney, Scoot McNairy and Josh Pais (via)




Next up is your first look at another Sundance debut, Sweetwater, which is set in the 1800s and pits a fanatical religious preacher against a prostitute (January Jones) in a bloody battle.


Jones' Mad Men co-star Elisabeth Moss, is the lead in Jane Campion's six-hour mini-series, Top of the Lake, also debuting at Sundance for anyone that wants to sit their ass in a seat for that long of a period. (Via)


Daniel Radcliffe and "Boardwalk Empire's"Jack Huston (with a FULL FACE) will star in the Sundance premiere, Kill Your Darlings. Radcliffe is Alan Ginsberg, and Huston is Jack Kerouac. It's based on the true story of how Kerouc, William Burroughs, and Ginsberg were arrested for the murder of David Kammerer in the 1940s. (Via)


Finally, here's our first look at We're the Millers, from our old friend Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball). Millers is a comedy about a small-time pot dealer who has to smuggle a lot of drugs into Mexico in an RV with his cynical stripper neighbor (Jennifer Aniston) and a streetwise teen (Emma Roberts) posing as his family. Sudeikis, holla! (Via)



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  • January Jones looks nice as a redhead. A lot less icy.

  • DeistBrawler

    That's why that picture is fucking me up. I thought that picture you're showing me is of Kerouac, Burroughs, and Ginsberg, with Dane DeHaan playing Burroughs. Ben Foster is playing Burroughs.

    I originally started looking this up because I thought Radcliffe looked a lot like Tom Sturridge when he played the character in On the Road. Likewise with Jack Huston looking like Sam Riley. So...good casting.

    Although even though there was only a 7 year age gap between Burroughs and Kerouac for some reason they made Burroughs Viggo Mortensen in On the Road.

    Thus ends my odd rant.

  • OldSchool60

    I can't unsee James Franco in drag. Someone help me.

  • History Geek Note: There is no way that particularly virulent shade of fuchsia existed in the Wild West, much less on a prostitute. And while she looks a little rough, she doesn't look nearly rough enough. Those ladies were not pretty (even if they started out that way), and neither were their lives.

    Prediction: Aniston will never actually strip in the movie, and that will bother some people. What will bother me is why she couldn't be a cynical dry cleaner or rancher or any other goddamned thing except a stripper.

  • Also, why are all the strippers I know also martial artists with a mean streak? Where is THAT character in the movies? I would totally watch the heck out of a movie where the stripper could (and would) break your fingers for breaking the rules of the house.

  • DeistBrawler

    Thank you Jessica Biel for playing a stripper that actually takes her clothes off.

    I'm ignoring you, Demi Moore.

  • What's your stand on Vivica Fox? Not that she was anything but ornamental in Independence Day, but still.

  • DeistBrawler

    Don't forget Halle Berry in The Last Boy Scout.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I'm still on the phrase "all the strippers I know".

  • There are three of them, none still on the pole. Two worked their way through college by stripping. The other did it to recover from being wiped out financially by an ex. I guess I understand the desire to hit stuff after you've worked at a strip club.

  • logan

    sure Aniston plays a stripper but the nice kind, one that is sassy and independent and never takes her clothes off. You know.. boring.

  • Shy

    Of course. It can’t be otherwise. Will they even show her stripping in her clothes? Or they will just mention every 10 minutes that she is stripper.

  • Lee

    Her very presence in that movie or any movie makes it automatically boring

  • OldSchool60

    January Jones is cold and beautiful...

    ...just like James Franco in drag.

  • Angry, dark haired Jones is like a Tussaud's waxwork of Lena Headey.

  • pie_is_my_favorite

    January Jones is lovely, but her body type seems so completely off to play a wild west-era prostitute. She's soooo skinny. For a perfect fit from the "Mad Men" cast I'd definitely go with Ms. Hendricks.

  • DeistBrawler think larger women were prostitutes in the wild west-era? Why, because they were fed so well and treated properly?

  • Sara_Tonin00

    THANK GOD there are still strippers & prostitutes for Hollywood actresses to play.

    Seriously - you know it's weak sauce that you make THOSE the roles mentioned in the headline, right?

  • bleujayone

    Smuggling drugs INTO Mexico? Why? Was there a product recall?

  • VonnegutSlut

    This actually made me do a spit take...all over my laptop. Funny--I'll be sending you the bill from tech support--but very funny.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Jack Huston as Kerouac intrigues the hell out of me. If Harry can pull off Ginsberg I think that could be a good film.

  • zeke_the_pig

    'a fanatical religious preacher against a prostitute in a bloody battle'
    Someone's been raiding my dream diary

  • Blake

    Jones looks like an old timey Joker... Aniston plays a stripper? REALLY???

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