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Ugh. Sometimes I don’t even know why I get out of bed. So, let’s get right to it so I can return to drinking myself unconscious. Robert Rodriguez is working on a Predator reboot. You remember Predator, right? Awesome action movie, inarguably one of Schwarzenegger’s best movies. Spawned a mediocre sequel, a piss poor crossover with the Alien series, and then a slightly less piss-poor sequel to that crossover?

Anyhoo, yeah. Reboot. Which I totally don’t get. The nice thing about the Predator concept is that it’s basically a series of standalone stories. You don’t need a reboot. And while I’ll always love Rodriguez for From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, Planet Terror, and The Mariachi Trilogy — hell, I even liked Sin City — I just don’t get it. Just make another entry. Why call it a reboot? Are they changing the creature design? You better fucking not.

It’s a goddamn mystery. Rodriguez’s involvement gives me some hope, as long as I continue to pretend that Spy Kids 3-D never friggin’ happened. I’m still annoyed at the reboot concept, though.

Great. Now this will eat at me all fucking day.

Hell with it, impromptu list time. Five best Schwarzenegger films:

5. Total Recall + Terminator 2(Tie)


4. True Lies

3. Terminator

2. Predator

1. Conan The Barbarian

Commando can go piss up a rope. Yeah, I said it.

You Are One Ugly Motherfucker

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Industry | January 30, 2009 | Comments ()

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